Erotic Story Time presents Lexie Syrah's excerpt from Life as a Cheating Wife.

The bigger picture for this erotic story time instalment: Sometimes a cheating wife has to learn the hard way that her husband can satisfy her urges. Last night, Elise told her husband that she wanted him to ignore her comfort and desires when he took her savagely in all of her holes with no limits. Now she can’t get enough, and this entire day will be a giant tease as her husband, Brad, constantly pushes her boundaries. It’s going to be hard to keep her affair with her boss a secret for long because he keeps sending her tasks to do.

Her boss doesn’t hold back as he makes her wear a plug throughout the day and beg for a messy ending from her husband–all complete with pictures sent via text. Her begging convinces Brad to push her even further as he commands her to find a woman to join them that night. She knows the perfect woman–the one she licked to ecstasy the day before!

The only problem is that she’s beautiful and soft on the outside, but inside lurks a strong-willed dominatrix that would love nothing more than to use Elise as her personal plaything. The night will end up with Elise being used by both her husband and the dominatrix. Her pain and suffering will only fuel her ecstasy as the dominatrix stretches her holes, abuses her body with paddles and crops, and then forces her to clean up her husband’s mess as it leaves her backdoor.


Erotic Story Time: Life as a Cheating Wife

It was almost 2:00 and the sun was beating down on us as we went inside the house.  “How would you feel about a dip in the pool?” I asked Brad.  He set down his wallet and keys like he normally did, and said, “That sounds amazing!”

I undressed and took the butt plug out of my ass.  It was a huge relief to get it out of me.  It had started burning in traffic and had needed to be re-lubed.  Now that I was naked, I decided to just walk outside to our pool.  If our neighbors wanted to look at me from their upstairs windows, so be it.  I had nothing to be ashamed of.

Brad followed my example and we got into the cool water of the pool.  It felt exquisite to press my body against his in the water.  It was almost as though we were silly college kids again as our hands explored each other’s body.  Brad bent down to kiss me, and his hands held my ass.  It seemed as though his kisses today were so much more passionate and full of longing than they had in the past.

This wasn’t our first-time skinny dipping in our pool.  It wouldn’t even be the first time that we’d fucked in the pool if it came down to that, but it had been a long time, and it was definitely the first time to do it in the middle of the day.  My hands held onto his back and my legs wrapped around his waist.  I was nearly weightless in the water, and Brad continuously moved around in the water as he ground my pussy against his hard cock.

I’d had plenty of attention today, but he had received very little in comparison.  I knew that he would be desperate to be inside of me soon.  I just had to convince him to give me a messy facial and then take a picture of it with my phone.  He had never been a fan of cumming on my face, and I didn’t blame him.  Who would want to have to masturbate to a finish when there was a warm, wet, and willing hole to fuck?

Our lips and tongue danced the ancient dance of lust while our bodies ground against each other.  The wind blew softly through Brad’s hair, and I stared into his eyes when he pulled his lips away from mine.  He was strong, handsome, and everything that I could have hoped for.  Yet, I was cheating on him with another man just because he had a huge cock.  Granted, he was the reason that I’d finally convinced Brad to take control of our sex life.

Brad positioned my body over his cock and slowly slipped into me.  I lay my head against his shoulder and moaned softly into his ear as he gently fucked me.  I whispered, “Please cum on my face.  I’d do anything to have your cum dripping from my cheek and chin onto my tits.”

Brad looked at me for a few seconds before saying, “I’ll cum on your face, but tonight you’re going to fuck another woman while I watch.  And you’re going to find that woman.”

It took me a second to register what he’d just said, but then I quickly replied, “I know just the woman to ask.”

I felt his cock get even harder before he pulled me off of it and set me on the side of the pool.  He climbed out and said, “Come over here and suck my cock.”  The concrete was hard on my knees, but my mind was full of images of Cynthia, and I crawled the two feet to Brad’s feet before taking his cock in my mouth.

He was harder than I’d ever felt him, and I knew that it wouldn’t take very much to make him cum.  He’d never had a threesome or even seen two women having sex before.  I was going to fulfill one of his fantasies while still having an amazing time with Cynthia.  My manicured nails lightly scratched and pulled at his balls as I took his cock into my throat.  His eyes never left my gaze as I stared up at him while I swallowed his cock.  His entire body was quivering, and I wasn’t sure what he was wanting.

Normally, he would have just relaxed, but now that he was controlling more and more of the sex, I thought that he might want to fuck my face again.  Then again, he may just enjoy me worshipping him with a good deepthroating.  I began to focus on the head of his cock and stroked his shaft with my other hand.  It didn’t take long before he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began masturbating over my face.  I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue just like a pornstar would.  I tried to keep my eyes open as long as possible.

The first stream fell from my forehead down my nose and into my open mouth.  The slightly salty and creamy texture filled my mouth as eyes instinctively closed.  I wanted a facial, not burning eyes for the next hour.  The next stream fell across one of my eyes and onto my cheek.  The last real stream went straight into my mouth.  Brad put his cock into my mouth so that I could suck the rest of it out of him.  He loved the way that it felt when I sucked his cock while he was hypersensitive.

I told Brad, “Get my phone and take another picture.  I want to record our sexy adventures so that I can play with myself to the pictures.”

I heard the soft pad of his feet across the concrete and then the door slide open.  After a few moments, the door slid closed, and his footsteps came back.  I heard him take a few pictures, and I wiped a finger across some of the cum and put my finger in my mouth to it clean.

“That’s fucking sexy, Elise.  Maybe we should turn you into a pornstar,” he said with a laugh.

I felt him wipe a warm washcloth across my face.  He handed it to me after he got most of it off, but I needed to clean around my eyes better.  After I’d finished, I stood up and said, “Are you ready to go meet the woman I’m going to fuck tonight?”

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Lexie Syrah has a history of experimentation in life and love. When she's not writing steamy scenes in her latest book, she's "doing research" with her devoted husband/Master. Her books reflect her personal blending of the physical and emotional aspects of relationships. Follow her on Twitter @lexiesyrah or Facebook: Authorlexiesyrah






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