Many vanillas know what a furry is outside of the fetish scene, but some furries also identify as wolves. For the month of fetish families, Sienna Saint-Cyr is sharing her insights on the Wolf Pack family.


The Power of the Pack


A wolf pack is a group of people that either identify as wolves or like to act out wolf-like behavior with their pack (group). As with all kinks and fetish families, the wolf pack/family can function in different ways. Some will have a full-time scenario where everyone lives together and the Alpha runs the pack.


Pack members may also be involved sexually with one another. Some have cubs as well. A cub might be allowed to take part in sexual acts, but they are usually young in behavior and need guidance. Protection. The cub may also receive reprimand if they’ve behaved poorly.


A wolf pack play time

Sometimes a human wolf pack doesn't look so different to an actual wolf pack.


Pack sex and play time rituals


Some pack members engaging in sexual acts prefer to wear fur suits designed specifically for having sex. Others like a furry tail butt plug to signify playtime. While some only want to howl and allow their inner wolf to surface. All of this depends on the individuals in the wolf pack. Dynamics vary widely - including a preference to ‘taming’ which means a collar and name tag.


To gain a bit more insight, I spoke with my submissive Minka Krasiva Hole about her experience in a wolf pack.


Can you tell me about what your wolf pack was like and why it called to you?


“As a submissive, I definitely don't consider myself an Alpha, but because of how long I had to take care of myself, I learned to act like one. When I had an Alpha in my life, it took some getting used to. Eventually I fell into line as his sub. It seemed like the perfect fit for me. We had our small pack, and spent time growing our trust and bonds and were fiercely loyal to each other. The pack gave me a sense of security and love. Even though we separated, I did grow to realize how important a pack is to me, and how my close friends and family are my pack.”


What would your ideal wolf pack scenario be like for you? Would you all live together? Be involved? How would the hierarchy look?


“I never plan on being the Alpha, but I will probably always be a mate of the Alpha as I am a powerful submissive and like a bit of control. My ideal pack doesn't have a particular size, as I tend to grow to love anyone I get close to. But there would be an inner ring of the people closest to me who don't fall under the Alpha, but outside of the hierarchy.

These are the honorary pack members that I would fight to the death to protect and I know they would do the same for me. The pack would be very open and not stick to ‘the one mate for life rule’ as I feel people have too much love to limit themselves to just one other person.

I may live with my Alpha, but I don't think I would live with my entire pack. We would hang out often, but would not need to be around each other at all times as we would all have our own duties to attend to. Every member would work together to make sure the pack stayed strong and protected and loved.”


Wolf Behavior: Let your wolf be wild or tame?


Wolves are wild. Many I know tend to lean toward primal experiences. Howling, hunting for consenting prey, they tend to work well in groups. Actions indicative of wolf behavior can be smoking hot -for example biting the neck from behind. Growling. Whimpering. Whining. Rougher, more animalistic sex. The list goes on as each wolf pack is their own.


Many tamer wolves prefer to be paraded around on a leash because they’re tame. For others, a leash doesn’t change the inner nature of the wolf, but an Alpha leashing a wolf submissive can elevate this to humiliation.


From my personal experience, I have seen a lot of crossover between those that identify as dogs/pups and wolves/cubs. Having a dog bed or kennel around can serve as a reward or potential punishment.


Image of a woman and submissive. humiliation

Humiliation comes in many forms...


Hierarchy: Who's on top?


Since wolf packs often operate in a hierarchy (with the Alpha at the top), this allows for different levels of dominance and control. The wolf at the bottom may have to obey all the wolves above, while the wolf directly down from the Alpha will only obey the Alpha.      


Some Alphas can be very possessive. While they may still allow play with other wolves or humans outside of the pack, the pack often comes first and the Alpha may want permission before outside acts take place. This works differently than other poly families - where talking about new partners may occur but permission isn’t necessarily required.


The most important thing to remember about any fetish or kink family is that each is unique. What works for some might not for others. And while some wolves want a lighthearted form of engagement and play, others crave the Alpha having complete control. Honoring pack members’ needs is vital to happy pack living.


Are you in a wolf pack or want to learn more about them? Look into our archives. Ask questions, and engage with our lovely, kinky, community. If you're new here, welcome! Give a free membership a try.




Images Flickr Creative Commons _pavan_ & joped



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