Fetish.com is all about fetishes and sharing their stories, building awareness and hopefully acceptance with a wider and slightly more vanilla audience. For this 'Fetish for Thought', we follow a princess on adventures with her Daddy- the love of her life. And learn with them about love, trust and the DDgl lifestyle.


DDlg: The Life of a Little

I recently became an actual little. I am a princess, around 4-8 years old but the adult me is 24 years old. My name is Princess E, and my Daddy’s name is Mr. B. My favorite thing to do is draw pictures for Daddy and write about our DDlg life together. I like all kinds of animals (especially baby animals) and Nutella. I also like it when Daddy touches my special place. As a new little, I would like to share my thoughts about this newfound lifestyle.

A lot of people seem to think that the DDlg lifestyle is some sort of incest play. Let me tell you that it is NOT. It is a relationship built on trust, love, affection and devotion. It’s a mindset, not a turn on for young kids. Me and my Daddy are not really sure yet just WHY we find this so arousing and exciting. What we know for sure is that this is what we’ve been searching for but just didn’t know it.

What is a DDlg little, then?

A little, from my point of view, is someone who needs and/or wants control. A firm but loving hand and a lot of snuggles. When we misbehave there are consequences. When we behave we get rewards. It is a very passionate relationship with lots of love, snuggles and sweet talk. Littles are also submissive and want to please our Daddies/Mommies more than anything. We act like little girls or boys, allowing our inner child come out as an alter ego. Sometimes we are adults as well but a lot of the time these two personas overlap each other. I, myself, am very little when I’m adult. To a stranger, it would just look like I am being cute, while when I’m a little I regress mentally.

ddlg - life of a little


How do you live like a DDlg little?

It’s kinda natural for me and comes easily. I am a princess most of the time, talking in a baby voice, painting Daddy pictures, wanting stuffies, unicorns and glitter everywhere. Actually, since we started living out this lifestyle, I’ve gotten so much better at taking directions and commands, like ”do the dishes”. Before, it could take several hours before I did them- resulting in a punishment. Now I do them immediately. Everything has become easier actually. Sex has become better. Our dynamics and ways of solving problems have become better. Anxiety and stress levels have decreased. It’s a state of mind basically and you can’t force it. It just comes, naturally.

What does a normal day for a DDlg little look like?

Well I can only speak for myself but a regular day for me is waking up, doing my morning routines and wait for nummies. Taking a shower, getting dressed and then it’s just a normal day like anyone. Except that at home, I’m a princess most of the time. I talk with a baby voice. I am naive and innocent. Also, I’m VERY sassy and a little obstinate but not in a bratty way, in a cute, joking way. Daddy loves it when I get sassy and stomp my feet on the floor. When I cross my arms over my chest and make a pouty face because Daddy didn’t wanna tickle my special spot. Then he gives me tons of kisses and love, and in an instant I am happy again!

What does your Daddy get out of this?

My Daddy gets a lot out of this lifestyle. But mainly there are 3 things that make this relationship work for us.

  • The first one is protection. Daddy loves protecting his little princess. Pampering me and making all sorts of rules and having me ask for permission to do things.

  • The second one is mentoring. He wants the best for me and by giving me challenges and pushing me towards a goal he thinks is relevant for me and my situation; he helps me to be a better person. He builds me up by love, affection and punishments.

  • The third one is kinda obvious. Dominance. My Daddy is dominant to the core of his soul. Although we identify as switches that switch is only in the bedroom. Throughout all the entire everyday life he is dominant and that makes him feel important, strong and in control. In the same way, I wanna lose control and let go he wants to do the opposite.


Princess E is a Swedish freelance writer focusing the DDlg lifestyle. 

Images by vr4msbfr and RestlessMuse Flickr Creative Commons.




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