When Fetish.com member Jack met Layla, she shared her Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies with him and the pair arranged a spanking and whipping session. However, things didn't go quite to plan...

I'm a dominant male, and always have been. I enjoy training women as my personal slaves, or submissives, and gain enormous satisfaction from fairly hard spankings and whippings.

However, I believe that such punishments must be delivered in a safe and consensual environment. This means that limits can be tested but should be done so in a way in which the submissive can freely communicate what their own limits and levels are. Layla had seen my profile on the internet and was very interested in making contact with me in order that she could experience submission for herself.

Spanking fantasy

Layla had read Fifty Shades of Grey and wanted to experience some of that fantasy for herself. She was a very attractive woman, tall and blonde, with an upper class accent. When I met her in a coffee shop she was nervous. She was so nervous that her hands actually shook when she picked up the coffee cup.

Layla confessed to me that she had a strong desire to be whipped on her bare bottom and that she thought that she could take a great deal of pain. Layla then told me about the fantasies that she would like to act out with me. She said that she wanted to be stripped by me and then spanked on her bottom. She also expressed a deep desire to be whipped on her bottom, and lightly on her thighs. As she said this she looked deeply into my eyes and I felt a real connection between us.


Fifty shades of nay

Later, in my flat, I stripped Layla out of her expensive lingerie. She was very sexually turned on and seemed to be fully ready to receive a good spanking and whipping on her bottom. I bent her over my knee and placed my hand on her round, hot, buttocks.

Instantly Layla complained that it was too hard and that I should spank her less aggressively. I have no problem with finding out a submissive’s limits, but found this rather strange as I actually had not begun spanking her yet.

However, it seemed that Layla did find that her bottom was so sensitive that it did seemed that any pressure would cause her pain. Spanking was certainly not on the agenda. Not only did Layla care little for hand to buttock contact but she also did not enjoy bondage, humiliation or discipline. However, she still wanted me to somehow dominate her, but having read Fifty Shades of Grey is just not enough to be into BDSM.

Reality check

With nothing left in my arsenal of domination tactics, I restored the only way that I could exercise control over Layla by showing her the door. Unfortunately, she wanted the fantasy of Fifty Shades of Grey, had sought out the reality and found that it really did not suit her.

I feel a little sorry for Layla and hope that she finds what she wants out of BDSM. I still see, from her dating site profile, that she's still seeking a dominant man. I do hope that she will find the right person, although I very much doubt that there is such a man who would suit all of her strict criteria.

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Photo by Chill Mimi via Flickr under a CC BY 2.0 license.





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