Everyone knows about the G-Spot, but there are many other erogenous zones that go neglected in both men and women. Fortunately, kinksters know where to find them.

Each person has secret erogenous zones, but these aren’t predetermined. Instead, the parts of you that throb with pleasure through spanking or massage can be pretty random. Exploring our bodies during kinky S&M foreplay provides an opportunity to discover personal sweet spots and those of a partner. Certain aspects of BDSM like blindfolding, gagging or binding deprive a person of one or more senses.

These BDSM activities result in sexual excitement being heightened, and each move feeling more erotic. While vanilla sex concentrates on cleavage and cock, bondage activities introduce you to a world of new secret erogenous zones that tingle when touched in the right way.

Secret erogenous zones 1: love those feet

Feet are too often tucked under the covers and underappreciated, but for some kinksters they are immensely provocative. If you have a foot fetish, seeing strappy sandals barely covering a foot is as exciting as bondage wear on the body is for others. This is one of the secret erogenous zones that share the erotic charge equally.

The foot worshipper gets to touch what they desire, but massaging the feet also draws out the pleasure of foreplay for their partner. You could incorporate S&M restraints by tying up a partner and letting them suck on your toes. Additionally, you could lay in a 69 type position giving them oral pleasure while they titillate your tootsies.

Bound Feet. Foot Fetish
Titillate those tootsies!

Secret erogenous zones 2: talk dirty to me

The brain probably one of the most sensitive of the secret erogenous zones we have, and by stimulating someone’s mind, you can be sure the rest of them will be there soon after. Whisper filthy secrets in their ear while they’re tied up and helpless, or call them at work to tell them you’ve been a bad girl and need a good spanking.

All aural sex is overwhelmingly erotic. It’s also the ultimate tease and denial. You could be miles away or just waiting at home -but that distance means the object of your attention can’t get at you, or orgasm, until you allow it.

Secret erogenous zones 3: butt plugs for anal gratification

Many people are curious about anal sex and using a dildo. Of all the secret erogenous zones, this one can make us majorly horny, but many feel a bit intimidated by the process. Full anal takes a bit of getting used to, for men and women, but at the start, you can use a butt plug to ease yourself into it. Always use one that’s specifically designed for this purpose as it will have a wider base to stop it disappearing into your bottom.

Take it easy and use lube every time you play. This is essential as anal penetration is very different to vaginal – it’s drier and tighter. If you love being in charge its ideal, flip your S&M buddy onto their front and control the penetration at your will, driving them wild with kinky pleasure.

Secret erogenous zones 4: focus on his nipples

Women’s breasts seem to be coming at us from every angle in the media. Of course, we know they’re cute and great to play around with, but why neglect those equally enticing male nipples?

You can experiment with the usual squeezing and licking. If your partner is ready for rougher fetish play, you might consider investing in a few toys that could enhance his enjoyment.

The more intense sensation created by toys can be almost too much to resist for many men, so go easy if you want to avoid bruising. Try nipple clamps, suckers or cylinders all of which can be combined with a lubricant to maximise the effect.

Secret erogenous zones 5: get butterflies in your tummy

So many of us are worried about our imperfect tums looking less than toned, meaning that this sensual area of soft flesh is often kept under wraps. Being right in the middle of the chest and genital area means your stomach is especially tuned in to arousal.

If any women are unsure of the erotic potential of the stomach, try holding in your tummy muscles a few times. Feel how the movement of your pelvic floor can create a warm sensation below. In some women, this action can even lead to orgasm. The lower part of your stomach especially will respond to being touched sensually by a partner.

Try combining this fetish play with kinky underwear that exposes your tummy, or rope bondage that bends the back and thrusts the stomach forward. Before you know it you'll have discovered yet another of the secret erogenous zones.

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Delgado C. and Tobias Lindmann and Anais Gomez-C via Flickr with CC BY 2.0 license.



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Are there any women in Melbourne Australia who are into erotic wet lactation?

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thin and very strong body enjoy a lot of sex,mostly with woman,older but feel younger,much stamina

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