Orgasm denial is popular with Dominants for tonnes of delicious reasons. member Steve shares his experience of having his cock teased in a chastity cage and the sweet rewards reaped afterwards...


Orgasm denial is one of my favourite fantasies. I have always had a fantasy of having my orgasms controlled by a Dominant woman, so when I met her on I thought my dreams were going to come true.

Rachel (not her real name) is curvy, with full breasts and long, flowing black hair. Her lips constantly positioned in a Dominant sneer and she dressed in a sexually provocative way. Her favourite outfit was tight, black lycra leggings with high black boots and an animal print latex top. Men would almost crash their cars looking at her marching down the street.

Let the orgasm denial games begin

Starting the game of orgasm denial, Rachel told me from the beginning that I could only have an orgasm with her express permission. She placed my cock in a plastic cage and hung the key around her neck on a fine silver chain.

Once a week she would tie me to the bed and tease the plastic chastity cage with a high powered vibrator. I would feel my cock swell within the cage, the vibrations making me come close to orgasm. Rachel would then simply laugh and put the vibrator away.

After a month of chastity, Rachel freed me from the cage for a few seconds, touching the tip of my erect cock with her hard fingernails and almost making me come before putting me back inside again. I felt a strange sensation of orgasm denial but also extremely turned on.

man tied to bed in orgasm denial fantasy
Getting into orgasm denial fantasy.

Deny that orgasm

Eventually, after a few months of various tortures, Rachel told me that it was time for me to come. However, she said that this was to be a very special occasion.

I was to strip and kneel at the foot of her bed and to await further instructions. While waiting in that position, I heard a knock at the door. There were women’s voices, and the next thing that I knew, Rachel and three other women came into the room.

I tried to cover myself but they were too strong for me and soon had me tied to the bed. Chastity cage removed, Rachel then placed a milking machine, the Venus 2000, on my cock.

I had never come so quickly or so strongly. The women squealed in delight as I had a screaming orgasm that felt as if it had been ripped from my soul.

Multiple orgasms galore

The second orgasm came quickly, and I had soon ejaculated three times into the machine. I thought that they would be happy with that, but after such a long time of orgasm denial, Rachel turned up the intensity of the machine again and again. I came so many times that I thought I would never be able to come again.

Eventually, the torture stopped. I did get what I wanted, orgasm denial and the ultimate release, but I must admit that I was extremely sore for weeks afterwards. My orgasm denial dream fantasy had turned into a painful nightmare. Needless to say, Rachel and I are still seeing each other.

Discover more about the orgasm denial experiences of other kinksters in the forum - and share yours!

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Anyone in the Chattanooga, TN area interested in a threesome as a Christmas present to my wife?

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I have tried EVERY channel, but can't find a woman to do this to me whatsoever. I am beginning to conclude this is all a fictional cause. I feel alone in the matter :( 8 years without sex, and I can't even play no sex allowed. How lame I've tried every website & channel. WTF

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