It’s the spookiest time of the year, and you might think that dressing up is just for kids or something you do at parties. But what about taking a bit of Halloween inspiration into your sex life? Victoria Blisse shares some fetish fantasy roleplay ideas that will make your spine tingle! 


You never grow out of using your imagination and role play is a way to exercise your creativity as an adult. It can add spice to your sex life when you what to try out something a bit different, and as a bonus, it doesn’t cost the earth. You can make costumes as elaborate or simple as you want and of course you can always use your kinky Halloween costumes as your roleplay inspirations.  At this time of year, we’re all thinking about the scary and the spooky as well as sexy, so what kinky scenes can you indulge in that have a terrifying twist?   


Now, I wouldn’t recommend anyone eat real brains, but a bit of zombie roleplay could be the perfect way to celebrate Halloween. Both of you could be zombies, seeking solace in each other’s arms or maybe one of you is the human to be devoured. It’s up to you if you start from the toes and work your way up or if you try it a different way. There’s lots of scope for some wet and messy fun here too. Make some pink custard for brains, use a raspberry sauce for blood or whipped cream and chocolate sauce for oozing sores. 

Sexy Scary Fetish Halloween
Zombie apocalypse 



There is a whole world of different types of vampire, so you can pick which way you want to go. Sparkle like you’re in Twilight or go for the full-on cape, pointed teeth and three-piece suit; it’s entirely up to you. Of course, you could make your vampire come from any era of time you like – Hippie vampire anyone? 

You could use fake blood or something tastier like raspberry sauce, icing coloured red, for some fangtastic fun or you could indulge in a little blood play if that’s your thing.  The vampire roleplay is all about seduction and submission. Have fun and see how long it takes for your willing prey to let you nibble on their neck…and hopefully more! 

Vampire Neck Fetish
A little neck nibbling never hurt anyone...



The werewolf roleplay is incredibly versatile because you can decide if your werewolf is in full moon wolf mode or if he or she is human but with strangely animalistic tendencies. This one is all about getting in touch with your inner animal. Have fun as two werewolves or have a beast hunting down a tasty human but whatever way you decide, make sure everything is consensual even if it is rough and tumble. 


Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Have witchy fun by turning your human into other things. Butt plug tails can turn your human into an animal of your choosing. Let them be your slave and beat them with your broom if they don’t behave. Cast a spell and bewitch your human into doing everything you tell them too. Lots of magical fun can be had here, but remember your safe word.


Naughty Nurse 

This one is great for fans of medical play. Dress up as the doctor or nurse of your fantasies—or maybe, as it’s Halloween, your nightmares—and go to town. Make the patient feel better with orgasm therapy or torture them with pleasure-pain it’s up to you. 

Zombie Nurse
Try out a zombie nurse...

Frankenstein’s Monster

Electrifying good fun here, embrace your inner mad scientist and bring your monster to life with the use of electrical TENS machines. This pleasure pain will have your monster leaping and yelling and screaming in no time at all!  A note of caution, if you’re using bondage to keep your monster in place be sure to leave lots of give in your ropes, cuffs or chains as electric can make people move involuntarily.


Devil or Demon 

Devils and demons love to torture humans with hellfire. Use your willing victim(s) for fun; hot wax play to give them a taste of the flames of hell. 

Whatever Halloween hijinks you get up to remember:

  • Safety is sexy: just because you’re taking on a different character doesn’t mean you should forget all the safety measures you’d typically employ for any BDSM scene.  
  • Stop if you want to: Don’t feel you have to see a scene through either if you’re not feeling it then try something different.  
  • Come up with ideas in advance. What to say, what you can do, sexy plot twists. Roleplay can be easier if you’ve come up with at least parts of your plot in advance. 

Have lots of scary sexy fun as whatever character you pick to roleplay and maybe you can share a photo with us of your Halloween themed kinky fun! 


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Images from Flickr Creative Commons. Cover photo: Oz Dean, Zombie Nurse: Lauren Coolman.



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