Ever wonder what's behind a stocking fetish? That's what we do here on Fetish.com. We wonder and play and discover fetishes and kinks. For those of you #kinktastic members who took part in our Nylon Stocking Survey, here's your kinky treat! Kayla Lords takes a closer look at why stockings are so sexy for a lot of us! Enjoy!


What's the Deal with Nylon Stockings?

Everyone’s got a fetish of some sort. That thing that when you see it, hear it, or just get close to it, makes your mouth water, gets a response from your body, and sends your mind into a flurry of activity. When you see that thing, that deliciously kinky fetish of yours, you want to touch - yourself or someone else. You want to be close to it. Fantasies play through your mind about what you’ll do, how you’ll react, what it will feel like.

Some fetishes are more well known than others. Feet, worn panties, and latex are all good examples. But this month, let’s explore a fetish that those who love it, describe as the ultimate in sexy: nylon stockings.

Personally, I love how nylon stockings feel on my leg. I enjoy the snap of the garter at the top and the way the belt dangles when they’re pulled off. I prefer not to wear panties with them. But it’s not a fetish of mine so I asked my kinky friends:


Crossdresser outdoors wearing nylon tights


It’s About Perspective


Elegance and sluttiness at the same time sounds right up my alley. My friend @Sum1Sub said it best on his blog, as he waxed eloquently about seeing his partner in nylon stockings:


“Visually, they are just so pleasing; they give the leg extra definition, contrast and shape.  Accentuating the finer points, and brushing over the blemishes.  Teamed with the garter belt and the whole set up suddenly turns into a work of art. Regardless of what the centerpiece looks like stockings and a garter belt are the sexiest frame you could possibly hope to imagine.  It doesn’t matter if you view from the front or back, the frame of stocking tops, straps and belt just draw the eye to the physical beauty it surrounds.”  - From "Stockings and Mind Games" by subsmissive.

So from a visual standpoint, if you like seeing them worn, nylon stockings add a bit of mystery while also bringing certain aspects of her body into focus. What about wearing nylon stockings?


Woman outdoors wearing nylon tights


Wearing Nylon Stockings


Just the act of slipping the nylon over your skin, letting it squeeze your flesh ever so slightly can be enough for some people. Maybe it’s the quiet whisper of nylon against clothing as you go about your day that does it for you. Maybe the allure is in knowing you’re turning people on when they see your nylon-clad legs or they get the barest glimpse of the lace top or the garter. It could be all of that at the same time.


I asked my friends...


My good friend Molly Moore has plenty of kinks and fetishes, things she loves to do and wear. Stockings for her are more than just a thing to feel sexy in, although there is that.


“I love the way they look and feel on me and I also love the way they look on other women. I find them by default flattering, no matter your shape, size, height etc, stocking and hold-ups, in my mind, only make everything you have better and when you are my height, which is no height at all, anything that makes more of your legs is always a good thing.”  -From “She’s Got Legs” by Molly Moore


But it’s not just that they’re flattering, which, universally, they are. When you feel desirable and sexy in nylon stockings, for your partner or yourself, every sense is heightened. Cool air kisses bare skin. Flirty looks come easier. You notice yourself being noticed. If any of this turns you on (it is getting hot in here?), that adds to the pleasure of the stockings themselves.



Got a thing for nylon stockings? Let us know about it, drop a comment below or start a thread in the forum.  New here on Fetish.com? Why knot give it a try? Membership is free!



Images: FlashBunny & Creative Commons & PaulaSatijn


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Nylon stockings, yes the look of them the way they enhance the legs. The sound they make when moving . The feel of them if you are lucky enough to be able to slide your hand over them. A nice pair of legs encased in stockings and high heels and I'm in heaven.

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