From their punk origins, catsuits have come a long way, as they have now become part of the mainstream. A highly desirable item of fetish clothing, just what is it about a catsuit that make them so popular among kinksters? zips up to discover the evolution of this sexy item of clothing...

Catsuits have been a fetish staple for many years. A catsuit that covers the body from head to foot (perhaps with the addition of some kind of mask, can be a very well-respected fetish item.

In popular culture, catsuits have been worn by people such as Catwoman, as well as by movie and television secret agents such as Emma Peel, from the British TV series The Avengers.

Catsuits are sold by fetish shops and online. They're available in many materials, including leather, rubber and PVC. In practice, catsuits can be difficult to put on and wear, although this hasn't stopped people from adopting them in their personal and sexual lives.

The evolution of the catsuit: from fetish to catwalk

As part of the fetish scene, catsuits have been around for many years. However, they've also made the move from secret to popular fashion.

The first time that catsuits probably made the transition from subversive to high fashion was through seminal punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who opened a high street shop called Sex on the King’s Road in London.

The shop sold fetish wear that was also designed to be worn as part of punk fashion that was dominating the London scene in the mid to late 1970s. As punk became more popular, catsuits crossed over from the scene to the mainstream.

Today, catsuits have entered high fashion, and photo shoots involving catsuits can be seen on the front of magazines such as Vogue.

This means that catsuits, in various materials, are becoming part of the mainstream. One occasionally sees a catsuit, perhaps in a material other than PVC or leather, being worn at a fashionable occasion.

Why are catsuits so chic?

Catsuits are chic because they highlight the natural form of the wearer. They can even enhance this form because of their restrictive nature, and because of the bold colours and fabrics which are used.

Because of their connotations with the fetish scene, catsuits can be seen as a potentially subversive fashion item that can even be seen to give the wearer the cache of being an individual who does not necessarily follow trends.

Catsuits are also on the cutting edge of fashion. They are suitably different from other types of street wear as to be very subversive.

The beauty of wearing a catsuit is not only in its appearance, but also regarding the added value that they give to a person’s look, and even their walk and attitude.

Does wearing a catsuit get your purring with joy? What are other items of clothing turn you on? Let your kinky community know in the comments below. And, if you're not already a member, you can join by signing up below. Don't miss out!

Photo by May Be via Flickr under a CC BY 2.0 license.





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