Did you know some of the best role play costumes come from historical references? Wearing a historical role play costume in the bedroom is nothing new, but maybe there's a back story you didn't know about. Read on to learn more about their origins...

What's the Best Role Play Costume for You?

Role playing in the bedroom combines the fun and creativity of a Halloween costume with, y'know, sex. Many of the most famous role play scenarios come from history – sultan and harem girl, lusty pirate and wench, caveman and … another caveman, all that sort of thing. But although these are classics, there are plenty of other opportunities throughout history for creative and sexy role play. Here are a few suggestions for a role play costume. I've tried to stay away from the “rich guy and servant girl” structure, since if that's what you're into it's not like you'll be short of historical examples.

1. The Gladiator and Roman Matron

Most sexual role play scenarios from the classical era are all about helpless slave girls and Caligula or some equally debauched Julio-Claudian. Fun, no doubt, but with few opportunities for those of us who're more into female domination. But the Roman world provides plenty of opportunities for femdom action. Well, one anyway: did you know that gladiators were the favorite sex objects of upper-class Roman woman? True. How much they actually lived out their fantasies I don't know, but given that most gladiators were slaves and that we're already accepting lusty pirates in place of smelly pirates, who cares? You don't need much for your gladiator costume – a simple subligaculum or loincloth should suffice. Although your Roman matron could have a more elaborate stola with decorated buckles.

2- The 17th-century “Molly”

role play costumeSame-sex attraction is nothing new, but it wasn't until the post-Renaissance period that the idea of homosexuality as an identity really came to the fore (at least in Britain). This era saw the first reports of “molly houses,” something between brothels and private clubs where gay men could meet in (relative) privacy.

According to sensationalist pamphlets of the period, (if you can't trust a starving libertine writing for an audience of outraged Puritans, who can you trust?)  activities in molly houses included: cross-dressing, elaborately-staged same-sex wedding ceremonies and, er, cruel mockery of women. So maybe skip that last part.

A celebration of the 17th century's gay community can be a lot of fun. Especially with massive wigs, elaborate makeup, and some ridiculous shoes. Combine with other 17th-century characters for crossover appeal. Molly and dashing cavalier? Or Molly and lusty pirate? Molly and infamous “witch-finder general” Matthew Hopkins? Maybe not that last one unless you're into some dark stuff. But who am I to judge?

3- The Lusty Pirate Threesome

role play costumeProbably no group has a more exaggerated sexual charisma than pirates. Routinely portrayed as swaggering rogues. These guys were hijackers and thugs whose short careers typically consisted of:

  • petty criminality

  • dirty paramilitary operations

  • religious violence

  • vitamin deficiencies

  • getting hanged

But hey, let's not let anything stand in the way of a good bodice-ripper. A particularly thrilling yarn is the tale of female pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Bonny was the lover of mid-tier pirate captain “Calico Jack” Rackham, while Read, dressed as a man, was one of his crew. Read confided in Bonny as the only other woman on board Rackham's vessel Revenge – but the jealous captain suspected that the two were lovers.

I like to imagine that they were. Maybe they all were. Certainly, both women were pregnant when they were finally caught. Which suggests either that Jack was being shared or that there was an unknown pirate in the story. Anne and Mary seem to have worn men's clothing a lot. Presumably because who wants to climb the rigging of a sloop in an ankle-length dress? You can interpret this as defiance of social convention if you like. More importantly for our purposes, it's a great excuse for everyone to dress up in awesome pirate outfits.

Just remember to stop admiring each other's pistols and parrots long enough to actually screw.



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