What is it about being tattooed by your Dom/Domme that is so hot? How can the smell of antibacterial spray, or the sound of the tattoo gun, turn some people on? Fetish.com writer Sienna Siant-Cyr explores her ink fetish.

Most of my inked friends will admit that being inked is addictive, but for some, that addictiveness turns to obsession and then to an ink fetish. Those people can find physical pleasure in being inked. But why is this?

Does an ink fetish start with tattoos?

More than half the people I know have tattoos. They range in size and style, location and detail. Each tattoo is a reflection of who the person is and often in ways that words may not express as fast as a symbol or image could. While this certainly explains the draw of self-expression in this manner, this doesn’t explain why a tattoo suddenly becomes a fetish.

What makes being inked so hot?

A friend of mine loves being tattooed so much that she’s developed a special obsession with the smell of antibacterial spray. Just walking into a tattoo parlour turns her on. Moreover, she’s admitted that she often goes into the parlour to look at pictures so that she can smell the antibacterial spray and feel that arousal. From this, her ink fetish has developed.

The gun and the ink fetish

Another friend's ink fetish started with the sound of the needle gun. Needles are moving at such a fast pace, penetrating his skin. For him, being under the tattooist’s gun is handing over power. As a result, the process of getting a new tat becomes a turn-on.

The ink fetish and the Dom

For me, I know what it’s like to fantasise about being inked by my Dom. There’s something hot about knowing he can tell me to sit, blindfold me, and mark me with an image or words. Maybe something he creates or something he finds in a book. All with me helplessly sitting there, unable to see what’s being marked on my body. What makes it hot is the same thing that makes submission hot for me. It’s the giving up of my power. This process requires a great deal of trust.

An ink fetish is ideal for painsluts and endorphin junkies

Aside from the smells, sounds, and the handing over of power, there’s another reason some subs love getting inked. Tiny needles (the amount varies depending on the detail and type of work being done) hit the skin anywhere from 50 to 3000 times per minute! While this might be enough to scare some folks away, for a painslut that likes needle play, this is like being in the candy shop.

This type of ink fetish isn’t just for subs either. My husband doesn’t care about the pain aspect and isn’t submissive, but he loves the high that comes with the endorphin release. So even Doms can find pleasure in being tattooed, not just in marking their little slut for life. No matter what your particular flavour of fetish is, don’t leave out tattoos as an option! An ink fetish will last a lifetime.

Sienna Saint-Cyr writes erotica and blogs about kink, poly, body image, most things relating. Follow her on her website or on Twitter @siennasaintcyr.


Are you into being inked? What is it about it that turns you on? Let fellow kinksters know on the Fetish.com forum.


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