Did you watch Star Wars or Alien and end up getting turned on by the costumes and aliens instead of getting spooked out? Then you may just have a sci-fi fetish! With the cosplay scene growing fast, the interest in science fiction within our kinky community is also on the increase. One Fetish.com sci-fi fan takes a deeper look at the scene... 


As we all know, the range of fetishes out there is as diverse as the people who are drawn to and practice them. So, let's take a closer look at the sci-fi fetish and celebrate the members of this interesting and exciting community. You might have a sci-fi fetish if you can relate to any of these six scene favourites:

1) Exophilia: embracing the exotic

If you've seen some of the most popular sci-fi films and TV series out there such as Star Wars and Babylon 5, it's only natural that you would develop a fetish for some of the sexy alien characters.

Being attracted to the exotic is certainly nothing new, and many people seek partners from other countries and different ethnic backgrounds.

However, people who've been brought up on a healthy diet of comic books and sci-fi films often take things to the next level by dreaming of their own sexy alien encounters.

Members of the exophilia community celebrate their fetish by attending special sci-fi conventions and other types of kink conventions dressed as their favourite characters.

One of the best places to fulfil your fetish for exophilia is at a cosplay convention, where you're sure to find plenty of willing participants to take home for a private re-enactment of your favourite sci-fi scenes.

sci-fi fetishCosplay kings and queens: this fetish scene is full of conventions of fun loving fetish costume fans


2) Macrophilia: big is better

This fetish involves giants or a kink for people with gigantic proportions. Anyone who's ever seen the sci-fi film Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is sure to identify with this fetish.

There's nothing sexier than a woman who cannot only dominate you fully but can also crush you with one simple footstep if she chooses.

Getting this magnificent momma on your side and keeping her sweet could well be part of the attraction here. While people with gigantic proportions may have trouble fitting into regular society, members of the macrophilia community celebrate their size and lust over them.

If you happen to have particularly large proportions, you're sure to fit right in with the macrophilia community.

3) Microphilia: small but beautiful

At the other end of the sci-fi fetish scale, we have microphilia, which celebrates the desire for tiny mates. I mean, who hasn’t fantasised about the perfect playmate who's the perfect height to satisfy your every desire?

This type of sci-fi fetish comes from popular sci-fi films and TV series where characters are shrunk to tiny sizes so that they can fit inside the human body to do exploratory research. For some people, these tiny forms might just be the perfect fit.


4) Furry friends

Furries are anamorphic animals that often come to life in sci-fi stories such as the Gremlins and the Ewoks in the Star Wars series.

There is a large community of furries out there, who often celebrate their kink by dressing as they favourite furry characters. Furry fandom has become extremely popular in recent years and attracts both men and women from all walks of life.

5) Spectrophilia: spooky and sexy

Many people fantasize about having an erotic encounter with someone from the other side. Whether it be a loved one who has already passed away or a sexy ghost of your own imagining, you may well feel the need to try to reach out and contact someone from the other side.

Indeed, erotically charged séance parties are a common phenomenon with members of this kinky community.

Many people throughout history have reported sexy encounters with ghosts, although the thrill of actual physical contact is not necessary the main thrill here.

Knowing that you're being watched by a sexy spirit who you can look at, but not touch, is, without doubt, extremely hot. Although it's debatable whether or not ghosts exist, persuading your partner to dress as a sexy apparition so that you can get your groove on is an excellent way to add a little spice to a spooky encounter.


6) Technosexuality: randy robots

This is a special type of robot fetish where people desire close encounters with robots. If films such as A.I. where Jude Law plays a sexy android get your pulse racing, you're certainly not alone.

Among the benefits of these mean machines is that despite being so strong that they're almost indestructible, they are also fairly submissive, making them the perfect mates.

Technosexuality is particularly celebrated by the Japanese, which is no surprise really, as this imaginative nation has developed some remarkably life-like and alluring robots in recent years.

If you have a kink for hot sci-fi babes, gorgeous guys from another galaxy or both, you're certainly not alone. These days there is a community for just about every type of sci-fi kink imaginable where you can get together with like-minded and fun fetishists and live out your darkest fantasies.


Do you have a sci-fi fetish? Which character would you like to explore the darkest depths of the fetish universe with? Spill all in the comments below! And, if you're not already a member of Fetish.com, sign up here for free BDSM dating, Forum chat, and all the latest fetish news from our sex positive, kinky community.

Photos: vladimirkolens/Dollar Photo Club, Dan Catchpole, Tambako the Jaguar





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