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Lipstick | How to remove makeup?

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I bought a 24 hour Plum coloured lipstick for tonight....Tried it about an hour ago...Looks really good....I cannot remove it...tried wet wipes etc....not as vibrant....but still really obvious..,,Need to go shopping etc for this evening...Can any tell me how to remove it.. I am male...so you see my problem...A few friends I spoke to...said to use wet wipes...helped a little...Any advice or am I stuck with plum coloured lips. until it fades naturally...How embarrassing...I think I am going to have a lot of explaining to do....It is funny...but not when  you have to go out where everyone knows you....I really hope they will find this funny enough to post my topic...

I would probably try either baby oil on a cotton pad, or perhaps a gentle exfoliator. Just keep in mind that the lips and the skin around the mouth are very delicate so be careful!
Try Vaseline. If you leave it on for about 5 minutes it's a then wipe with a hot damp cloth. It works for me when removing a 24 hour lip stain x

Hi...What a problem to have....I have already tried what you have suggested....but my lips are still a very vibrant plum colour...They feel very sore from trying everything...Is it possible that lips can be stained....I mean as if one had semi permanent make up..!...Cassie


There are lots of great ideas for lip exfoliants if you go online and search for "homemade lip scrub recipes". You can create lip scrubs from things you have at home, such as olive oil, sugar and honey! You can also use coconut oil and brown sugar, depending on what ingredients you have on hand. If you use a natural gentle lip scrub it should not only take off the lipstick but leave your lips feeling soft and nourished! #treatyourself 

Washing up liquid and salt on dry lips. Make sure u moisturise afterwards
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Tried it....My lips are really sore...Thank you for all the advice....but I have to go shopping for tonight...I am hoping that every one will remember it is Halloween..!....and I will not have to explain why I have plum coloured lips in the middle of the day..!I do not want to try anything else because my lips are really very...very sore...It is going to be a very interesting afternoon.....Serena....A really big thank you for allowing this post...!  Cassie....Will let every one know how my afternoon went.....I may not have to worry about lipstick for next years  Halloween..!...But a really big thank you to every one who offered advice.....I do not want to try anything else...needed a coffee....had to drink through a straw...lips are really beginning to hurt..!....About to go out and face  Purley...where I live..!

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More info...Etc..

Hi...Just an update...When II decided that I had no option to go shopping.....All the staff at my small local where in halloween costumes....so that helped...also..I was able to park right outside.! There were a couple of make up Artists providing free make up for youngsters..Found out they were training in semi permanent make up in a very well known training academy..only a few minutes walk away...popped in there..explained...a stunning female came to see me...had a little jar of specialist cleanser...gave me a make up remover pad....a few minutes later..Back to normal....Apparently...Lips can  take in the colour...I was unlucky , because it is rare...esp if one uses the applicator type , which I did. I am beginning to understand how expensive it is for a Female to look good .But...my lips did feel really nice..although still a little bit sore , using a lip balm which is helping a lot..in spite of all that.....had a really good time...thanks to everyone..Cassie

The best way to get stubborn makeup off is with almond oil a cotton pad and water. If you have no almond oil to hand the coconut oil is fine. :).