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Getting to know a new dom

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Hi I’m new to the game and I have a question if your getting to know a potiental new dom or doms how do u go about been ignored would u take that as a sign that there no longer interested or there testing your keenness? What kind of questions should I be asking them ? 

Hi Kim..you need someone who has your best interests at heart
It's the same as a vanilla relationship, both the Sub & the Dom have to try. Dump him & look elsewhere XX
Thank you, it’s what I was thinking x
For me personally I give my sub att the attention she needs. Rudeness is not acceptable.
I’m new to this so wasn’t so sure if it was a test but yes I agree rudeness isn’t acceptable x

Any good or realistic Dominant should not play games at the start it should be about sharing and communicating; the aim is to see if relationship or partnership will be healthy. Remember this is a two way street, you have to be comfortable with them as well as them with you.

The games, play and fun are for later when you feel that there are routes to trust and honesty have been established. You should apply this to virtual relationships too.

Everybody has given you good advice:

Jimifyoulike "I give my sub att the attention she needs. Rudeness is not acceptable."

Undone "It's the same as a vanilla relationship, both the Sub & the Dom have to try."

Redmond "you need someone who has your best interests at heart"

Don't waste you time worrying about "if's" and "but's", if it doubt move on, life is to short and there is so much kink to explore. 



Thanks u 

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Hi As a MASTER of some years now I found that a Sub/Slave does on occasions need special care and attention.in ALL AREAS of the relationship..Kindness when needed and punishment as said when (naughty) It is what you make of the relationship that is able to fulfil desires OF BOTH ..MASTER and SUB/SLAVE...Using all fetish means possible.

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Whilst I understand that isn’t communicating the key? 


Being  submissive doesn't have to mean you're a door mat to be walked all over (unless you like being trampled) Respect and communication has to work both ways 

I'm a submissive in a long term relationship and the only time I'm ignored is when I'm sent to the corner or naughty step Which is a up-to a hour at a time tops 


If your in the process of getting to know a new Dom, then during this process and before you have met at no point should any potential new Dom be ignoring you. Using something like ignoring a sub is often one of the harshest punishments a Dom can inflict on a sub, especially little's and as such this should only be a part of play once you have both decided to enter fully into a D/s relationship or play setting, not in the course of getting to know you.


If you have a new Dom who ignores you from time to time with no explanation when they have been given no reason to do so as you are going through the process of getting to know them, then this is a big red flag and should tell you that the Dom in question is both not trustworthy and not concerned enough about your well being and comfort to ever make a good Dom for you.


Remember that as a submissive, YOU hold all the power, for without the consent of a sub to submit to us, us Dom's would simply be fantasists with no actual subs. So anytime a Dom makes you feel uncomfortable or gives of vibes that you don't like, talk to them about it and if you cannot resolve the feelings you are having then simply move on and find a Dom who is worthy of your submission.


I agree with what every one has told you. Domain  should have a lot of respect for subs hear giving you mental torture get rid of him asap.if he's not got any respect for you the now he never will.