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AI Sex Dolls

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Following the latest article in the magazine about hyper-realistic sex dolls (or AI sex robots), what are your thoughts about them? Do you think they're ethical? Do you think they'll cause more harm than good - or is it no cause for concern?  

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What a great topic to think about and discuss. Are hyper-realistic sex dolls a harmless bit of fun or a sinister threat…well in all honesty I think they can be both. I think it’s like asking the question “Is a car a harmless tool, or a deadly threat”. In reality it can be both and much of it depends on how it is used, by whom it is used by or what it is used for.


These type of sex dolls could be very useful and helpful tools for people who may suffer from body confidence issues who may find attempting sexual intercourse too stressful to handle. The same goes for people who suffer from social anxiety and find the process of not only finding a partner, but keeping one or being in a relationship to stressful. These are people who as well as those with more extreme sexual desires may find these types of hyper-realistic sex dolls and robots a great source of comfort and a great outlet that they didn’t have access to before.


The dangers arise with the misuse of sex dolls or sex robots. As is mentioned in the article some people may buy them just to practise or perform beatings, torture and extreme or illegal depravities that they cannot carry out on other people. How far a leap is being able to express these types of desires with an inanimate or lifeless object to living these desires out in the real world? Nobody really knows the answer to that question, however ask most people who have delved into the darker side of online porn and they will soon tell you that over time they need to view more and more extreme porn to fulfil the same stimulation or need for release, so I think people who use the dolls or machines in extreme ways could be on a very slippery slope. There are also some companies that are already marketing these types of dolls/robots to look very, very young and childlike; there has already been a few debates towards asking questions about whether marketing these types of dolls for paedophiles should be supported or rejected and whether doing so would do more harm than good.


My largest concern with these types of sex dolls/robots however comes from the ability they will have to disconnect people (young or old) from the intimacy and emotional bonding aspects of sexual encounters with real people. We already all know about the endemic problems many of the youngsters growing up in our 24/7 connected and online world are having with connecting to one another in real life setting as opposed to through a pad/phone and some form of social media or messenger app. We have all seen the both the funny and often horrific videos of people walking around glued to their phones and the hilarity and harm that can cause. So it really much of a leap to ask if these type of sex dolls/robots would have a further disconnecting and desensitising effect on people were they to go into mass production and their use become a standard part of people’s everyday lives or rituals. I don’t think it is and this is the aspect that for me would concern me the most with the rise of this type of technology and my concerns would not be solely for the youth in society but for anyone who already feels disconnected from the world around them becoming even more disconnected and lonely.


I would love to hear what anyone else things about these things and as yet I am still somewhat sat on the fence as to whether I like the idea of seeing these sex dolls/robots in mass production or feel revulsion towards it. I think I am too old fashioned in the way I enjoy my human on human relations so I doubt I would ever use or try one myself, but never say never I guess.   

no idea but i wouldnt mind trying one

Wow, this is a really interesting topic. I think I would take the line that you can't legislate for everyone. There will always be someone who might misuse a sex robot but not everyone will. Like robustlove's example about the car (nicely put) you can only put safety guidelines in place to direct people's use of these new 'toys. 

I can definitely see the grey areas but I think we'd have to have them in use for a while before we'd be able to see what impact they'd have on people's sexual habits.