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As a male my love of colours was limited  to combinations of black , white , dark brown , cream..since my hormone levels went crazy...I now have a love of pale pink....delicate colours....that I would not of even considered before..what I am wondering is whether my very high levels of female hormones have any influence as to why I have a love of more feminine colours now..!...or is it to do do with accepting and feeling more comfortable with my feminine side.,Cassie..


I am not sure it has much to do with hormones. Tastes change with age. I am a male and I prefer pastel colours; yellow, green, blue - pretty much in that order.

A lot of women prefer white and black, because it is easy to buy and in fashion.

So, I would go for you feeling more comfortable with who you are :-)


I would tend agree with Carnelian2, it depends for me on age and experience although a nice deep blue has always been my favourite hue, but I also like deep purples and pearlescent and two-tone mixed colours too. It also depends on context and where the or what the colour is on. In all honesty Cassie I don't think anyone can really answer your question unless they too have had changes in their own male and female hormone levels as I know many very macho and masculine men who have a liking for pinks and salmon colours in their clothes. Have you asked any of the other transitioned or transitioning Trans people on the site this question, as they may be able to provide more insight?  


Hi...I do like your reply....I did think about asking this question in the way you have suggested....but was unsure whether such a direct approach would be Ok..?..My love of different colours ..I can honestly say started at the same time my hormone levels changed..I would imagine that self confidence also plays a big part in  being able to walk out the front door  wearing colours that one feels comfortable with..I hope I can explain this point clearly...When I have the courage to wear more feminine colours ..I feel more feminine....The way I act...hand movements etc..are much more Feminine...It changes my whole personality.!...If I did not have a hormone imbalance...but wore a pink shirt...I doubt whether it would have any effect on my mannerisms..

Hiyar cassie i think its to do with yur fem side and the colours u like r bringing u out mmmm xxx