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Keep Still - Immobilization Play

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My latest article is all about stocks and spreader bars: 

Who loves being immobilized /immobilizing a sub and with what? 


Great article Victoria, it touches on one of my favourite areas of play, restraints!


For me as a Dominant restraint play is incredibly erotic and effective. You can’t have your submissive running away or avoiding the splashes of that candle wax when it’s dripped upon them. I enjoy using many varied types of restraints in play sessions ranging from arm cuffs, leg cuffs, ropes, spreader bars, bed restraints, and all manner of stocks, be they hand, leg or even full body. I have to say that spreader bars and full body stocks are my favourite systems to use as the positions that they hold a submissive in for any type of play are highly erotic and I love exposing my submissive in a vulnerable or stress position for long periods of time whilst I have my way with her. Using standard household furniture such as tables, chairs mattresses can also add extra dimensions and ways of using restraints. For example tying your submissive and immobilising her on a chair naked and ready for a wax session (blindfolded if you really want to add to the scene) means to squirming away when you want to really coat a sensitive area like the nipples! Or for that deep anal penetration using an ankle and wrist spreader bar to hold them face down on the floor as you tease, play, sensitise and spank before a session of DP gets my libido going into overdrive!     

Can't beat a spreader bar..... though... you could beat with one :)