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Collars and collaring

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Hey. I' like to know people' opinions and experiences with being collared . I'e been told there are different kinds of Collars? .

How long did it take to collar someone or be collared ? 

How important is it to you? Dom or submit?

Never been collared but I would like a lot, it's a submission thing
A collar, in my opinion, is the BDSM equivalent of a wedding ring and should not be treated lightly...
Collar means different things to everyone, the meaning of it should me discussed deeply between Dom & sub & agreed before any collaring takes place.
To be collared is the most important & exciting start to play for me, from the moment I am collared I am technically ‘owned’ up until the time that my collar is removed. The anticipation starts from the moment my collar is done up & my role from there on in is very very clear & that role must continue until the collar is undone. That collar allows me to enter a world in which I belong the most, a place where I can loose all inhibitions, put my trust in someone like I never would in the outside world & spend my time doing what I do best. Without a collar I am not a true owned sub. For me it is beautifully clear contrect between Dom & Sub & the only thing that can cancel that strict bond is a safe word. When I meet someone for play, those few moments between knowing play is due to start & them doing my collar up is an incredible heart racing moment, I love it. Personally I can’t imagine playing without a collar or how would I know when play starts & finishes? How else would I consider myself truly owned & give over the respect & performance one desires?

I've never been put in collar but it seems a experience ;3


For me collaring my submissive is a sign of both trust and finality. It is the moment when my submissive trusts me enough to allow me to own her body, mind and soul. It is the moment in which her submission is fully granted and she becomes mine to do with as I see fit.


A collar can be so many different things not just a leather strap worn around the neck 

I'm locked in a collar (my little picture is me) when we are alone but I also wear a simple necklace all the  time 

For me it's a commitment to my Mistress that I'm hers to serve, obey and give pleasure to 


I totally agree with Naugtysam.. A collar is a whole lifestyle.. A way of thinking including pleasure, obedience and much more..


It's also for me a token of my total commitment . By accepting the collar be it a training or ownership collar my sub is offering herself and her commitment to me. This is not a thing I do lightly . C


But this is also a personal thing be it for play or a fashion statement the choice up to the individual you both just need to be on the same page .... C