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Are you scared to wear what you want to wear?

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I go through so many emotions when deciding what to wear when I venture out. My  thoughts are always t  how will the general public react and think about how I look and what I am wearing..I go out...and I cannot help trying to analyse what the general public are thinking when they see me.!..For me..going out is like leaving a safe environment where I can be myself and then  letting the world know this is me...Panic sets in as soon as I am in a public place..It is a sad thing to admit , but , I keep a change of clothing in my car , which defeats my efforts to come out as to who I am.and how I want to dress.! I am scared of being verbally abused or insulted...being asked are you a woman or man..!..I do get alot of compliments from women...but how men react and the comments I have had to endure are really having a major effect on my confidence.!...I feel that one day I will be set upon because of to trying to lead my life in a way that I am comfortable with.!..I do not want to conform to what is expected  how a male should look or act...but the social pressure to do so , is , so intense..!...Cassie

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My opinion is all that matters, if people got a issue, there shit! Wear what ever your happy with?
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I do not like that others force their views or their expectations on others, take pride in knowing that your one of the "champions of change" and the world is changing (slowly....too slowly...but it is changing). Even men are starting to wear make up more....you'd be surprises how many billions are being invested in social change by corporations for mens fashions, makeup and skin care, can you imaging one day men wearing thigh high boots...change is happening and be proud that your part of it.

Learn to enjoy the complements and think on them more and brush off the insults.....you'll find in time that your wasting energy and braincell thinking about insults....life is to short, be selfish and do what makes you comfortable, happy and complete.

Panic will be normal in public spaces, I'll be honest I'm not facing your challenges, but take baby steps....publics spaces change constantly, early in the morning ppl are either hungry, trying to get to work or both; their minds are else where....use the herds mentality to your advantage and change the time and duration in public that suits you building confidence.

If your really stuck, think about "Eddie Izzard" he wears what he wants and when he wants......dressing as a man when it suits him, dressing as a woman when it suits him and even mixing the dress of men and women...and he done this before he became famous.......shows that things do not need to be a straight line from A to B......some lateral crazy thinking can help you have fun in discovering who you want to be.

Again focus on what you want instead of worrying about what others expect you to be.....be selfish and live.



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Hi..For someone who is not facing the same challenges...your reply is brilliant...A massive thank you.!What I will say is that women are much more open and appreciative of the effort one makes in appearance ..but your average male...judges the character of a individual by how one looks and acts.!..There was a post or comment a while ago about  how one would label oneself...I have never thought of myself as belonging to any particular category...but I feel as if I am being labeled by the general public. when I go out...But anyway...I love your comments...So helpful..!Cassie.You might like another topic I am thinking about posting tonight...Embarrassment...A follow on from this post...