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Brand New Sub, first time with toys, sir wants me to be punished

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Hello all,

This is my first time trying out being a submissive and my sir has asked me to order some toys since I had none. He hopes these can be used for play and punishments. As I have been pretty naughty lately....

Sir has asked I not play without his permission and I have done so 4 times in the last 2 days and also lied to him once. Even after he punished me with clothespins on my nipples for 10 minutes. He asked me to post here to get 2 punishments one he will select and one I will select. We are long distance. 

My new toys are a set of 4 butt plugs, a small bulb enema, and a set of ben wa balls with a variety of 4 weights (set ups where you can wear one or two at a time and 2 are light two are heavy). Other than these things I do not have access to anything else other than household items or things I could buy at the grocery store. 

I'm sorry for disrespecting sir, but I was just so excited to play and couldn't help it.

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Somebody would be getting a wooden spoon across the ass or tits
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Or 2 2 litre bottles of water and hold them out in front of u for a set time If your hands drop u start over
Cold showers
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Well I'm a big fan of making the punishment fit the crime. So seeing as your guilty of playing with your new toys without permission I think a suitable punishment would be wearing one of your new anal plugs out in public all day or for a full day at work. It can't be a small one, but maybe the third largest size yo have. The idea it so make you feel embarrassed and on edge all day. If your master want's to be very cruel then he will get you to insert it with no lube so that it really aches as you apply it!


I would suggest this or packing up all those toys you can't be trusted with and sending them  to your masters address. He keeps them for five days and then sends them back and it teaches you that if yo can't be trusted not to play with your toys without him then he will take away any temptation.

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You mentioned grocery store and I had recently read the FIGGING thread.  Seems there may be a synergy and a fitting solution.

Even more so if you were to mention it to your 'sir'  -  he may well be very impressed.


ps Ginger being part of the spices of life  ;)

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