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What is missing in your life..?

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For me  it is friendship a way to express myself in company who feel the same,whether male of female.To be able to chat,to discuss everything and anything! To have a sleep over, wake up up with one hell of an headache but not regret the previous evening which resulted in my hangover!

As far as I am concerned I want and am looking for a normal kinky friendship...why is it so difficult?..

.I checked my photo ratings after quite a while and was really shocked by the ratings....really surprised....has done my confidence one hell of a lot! Thank you! But , are members afraid to send me messages or have I made a cock up of my settings ...ignore lists etc...that I am not receiving any messages...Can anyone advise?

There must be so many members who are lonely...in not being able to share and enjoy their chosen lifestyle , but keep it to themselves...Do not let that stop you from contacting members!,...We only have one life that we can be sure about..!..We should make the most of it  and  to hell with what society expects from us.!...Cassie

Lovely comment cassie yes we must talk etc about our kinks and fantasies enjoy what u like doin etc i like havin fun with gay tvs etc and its great fun cassie.
Hi cassie, when i try to message you i get a notice saying.... you can only accept msgs from members with a message rating of two or over. This might be the problem honey x

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