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First time anal

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Hi x I'm looking for advice on first time anal sex x does anyone have any tips on how to make it as painless as possible? X

Lots of lube and slowly! Enjoy 😉
me too I know I’ll have to accept this one day as a sissy. But also worried it will hurt

Lots of lubrication (water based), go slow and build into, communicate so you and your partner can find the positions that suit you...there is no need to rush or trying to drill to the centre of the earth at the beginning.

Let's lern together
PMSL @ trying to drill to the centre of rhe earth Patient. I agree with everything you said. Lube and patience. If it doesn't feel right or you really do not like it stop.
11 minutes ago, MuffSparkle said:

PMSL @ trying to drill to the centre of rhe earth Patient. I agree with everything you said. Lube and patience. If it doesn't feel right or you really do not like it stop.

I lol’ed at that too!! 


Have to admit, I was young and very dumb, when I tried anal for the first time and lost my innocent belief that porn was real. Fair is Fair...she did take her revenge...





Scares the hell out of me but excites me 


I could help you out with this 1 👍🏻 You can help me out with some of mine if my list 👅


The less glamorous... consider what you eat beforehand :)

And probably the biggest thing... relax. The tendency is to push your muscles open for you to accept something, which has a different effect on your bowels. Learn what your body feels like when your muscles are in a relaxed state and it'll quickly become more fun.


I'm no expert but these things I've learned from the past...


1. Cut n file your nails..no sharp edges = bum friendly.

Be warm and relaxed...is that whale music I can hear?...

2. Lube..it's essential, and apply some inside Gently! With your now bum friendly finger.

3. Consider using a bullet type vibe at first..something small, your cheerio is a muscle...it needs a little warm up..and.keep the Lube coming..

4. You need a caring and gentle partner who isn't looking for their own pleasure first time out...and understands that no ..no..no...stop means 'get out of me now!'

5. Doggy is NOT necessarily the best position first time...so try others...missionary seems to be better for some.

6. Take it sloooooooowly....no slower seriously...the slower you take it the more likely you'll enjoy it.

7. Breathe deeply...it helps your muscles to relax...

Hope this helps. 


Roolz x



it took me a little while to build up properly - and that's fine.

Lube is your friend, start slow and cautious.   One finger, two finger.... then possibly a small butt plug or small bullet vibe.  

If in doubt, stop for the day and come back another time.

It's very important to relax and it's natural to have a feeling like you're going to pee.

I'd also pretty much recommend cleaning first. 


Lots of lube and take it slow and poppers helps. I would love a woman to wear a strap on and fuck me or sit there and watch a guy fuck me


For the ladies trying it, there are only minor differences compared to the boys. 

Research and learn the different methods of preparation - having a poo isn’t the most effective (but if you’re in a committed relationship maybe acceptable). If you’re planning to visit Mistresses like myself, then douching or enemas are essential. I have a written blog and video blog out there on this topic as do many others. 

Learn to relax your anal sphincter is where to start, either get used to a finger in the bum or start with a set of 3 butt plugs - for the boys and or girls you gain buy pegging dildos of varying sizes from finger width to any size imaginable. Once you can comfortably relax to one size plug/dildo,  almost on command you are ready to move up a size. 

Tip regarding safety: if you’re receiving pegs or dildos that aren’t personally yours ensure they have a condom on, there are a few exceptions but I don’t want to go all technical knowledge geek on you. If using condoms either on toys or real cocks, remember silicone or water based lube ONLY. If you are in a committed relationship with regular sexual health checkups, oil based lubes are best with skin to skin. NEVER USE OIL BASE LUBE WITH ANY TYPE OF CONDOM. And be careful using silicone lube with silicone toys as it can melt some. 

Otherwise as others have said take your time, slowly does it for comfort and relaxation of the muscles, so you can enjoy it. For some poppers can help with the relaxation but aren’t essential.