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Tongue deep please 👌🏻

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I am looking for my very first experience of having the pleasure of a women  or several fucking my tongue till she or the cum can’t get the thought out my head I know it’s not out there like the rest of these posts but I’m new and basically need breaking in slowly at first I thought 1 was bad enough but now after reading everyone else’s fantasy’s I want lots of women face fucking me till they gush and orgasm I wanna be known as the tongue twister 👅 

Anyone else have fantasies ivolbing multiple people? 


Having read your desire to orally please. I have a few questions on your technique.

Will you be tongue fucking only?

Will there be any licking, nibbling, fingering, sucking?

How do you see yourself with multiple pussys to please? Maybe in a row waiting for your skilled mouth to attend them? Or, one after another positioning themselves on/infront of you?

Curious to find out how long you please for?

BTW I like the idea 😊


Lick, suck, finger, nibble.  All are great, but one has to find what really pleases the woman.  I personally like to do all of them and have the woman rub her pussy and (well cleaned) ass on my face.  And my as yet unfulfilled fantasy is to have two or three lovely women, freshly cleaned and STD free, to give oral pleasure to  while one of the others rides my cock and I can finger another.  Then switch who is doing/getting what so everyone gets fulfulled sexually in different ways.