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Bizarre Fetishes

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 so I've finally developed the balls to share this online... I'm in my mid 20s, transgender, single and have some very odd fetishes. First off, I'm a switch (Dominant and submissive), I love some BDSM, but never had the opportunity to do much of it. I also have a strong transformation fetish... meaning I love witnessing someone transform into an animal and I also love the idea of trying out some kind of Pinocchio role playing (A guy winds up lying and his nose would grow as a result and I would humiliate him as punishment). I honestly have no idea why I have those types of fetishes and fantasies, but for the longest time, I was too embarrassed to talk about it to other people, but now I kind of want to know if what I like is common or not. I tried chatting with a couple of guys who shared one of my fetishes, but for some weird reason, they both just stopped talking to me out of the blue. I'm kind of hoping to find a guy who will either be open to trying new things with me, or who actually has the reversed version of my fetishes lol. I was also wanting to know if there were any websites or vids that would pertain to my fetishes. Thanks for reading!

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Hello and welcome! I hope you have lots of fun here at fetish.com.  I'm sure people will have lots of input for you but I ask (I know, I say it all the time) remember not to share any external links. Cheers! 

Pet fetishes of varying types are quite common, there is a lot of info on the web and you can sometimes find books on subjects too - but for some daft reason we aren’t allowed to share information and links to help educate!! As for your role play, role play in itself is a common form of fetish, the specifics depend on the individuals. There are events where such things can be acted out with help, but again I can’t share the links required to help you... I guess it’s micro management of a dominant character behind the existence of this site. So I will openly say PM or find my contact details by googling me and I’ll give you the information that way.
I'm a (trans) guy and I have this kink! I don't know why either, but I find transformation super hot. Being turned into something else, without any control over what or how, just really really excites me! I love humiliation too. Feel free to PM if you want to talk about it more!
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