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Favourite Role Play Fantasy

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My fantasy is that I am a member of the intellegence service and I have uncovered a foreign spy. I intercept her and take her to a room for interrogation. There she is fitted with restraints and I go about making her confess everything. This is good because both need to act convincingly. If you can pull this off the woman can start off feisty and agressive and be subjected to numerous spankings/floggings/caning/nipple/pinching/hair pullling/ clit vacuuming, etc as well as a good old hard fucking and anal that will leave her submitting to your every command. In the end she has to capitulate, confess everything and give you the names of all the other spies. This can take a long time and requires both people to be "in the moment" and acting well to make it feel as real as possible. This is my favourite role play fantasy.

Can anybody beat that one?



Getting gagged by black leather gloves


Cuckold Paul tied naked to a chair next to bed while I'm being dominated by 1 or 2 older men on bed in front of him x

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Making someone powerless and telling them they are, this could be done in a whole number of ways but to start it off that they are powerful makes it better for me.

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