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Insight on my fetish

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Hey all! I’m new here and I would like some insight to the sexual desires I’m having. So I am a lesbian and get turned on by watching people poop on the toilet and have been for as long as I can remember. More specifically I like to watch people poop and them being embarrassed that I am watching them sitting on the toilet. I have found for me doesn’t matter the gender, but I would prefer to watch a girl poop. I usually try to find videos of people on the toilet but since my Fetish is very specific and strange I can’t find much on it. I have found that I am most turned on when the videos include someone videoing someone else in the room with them while they poop. This fetish thing has affected me a lot as I can’t orgasm without this. Could anyone give me any insight to what this is or if anyone has the same thing as me please reach out to me! 

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