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How to get over old Master

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My Master and I broke up over a year ago, and I took it really hard since it was my first bdsm relationship. Since then, I've had an extremely difficult time moving on and with talking to others. I still think of him as my Master although we're not in contact. I'm afraid of moving on without his permission but he's told me multiple times to leave him alone. What do you do as a sub post-breakup? I'm scared and alone. 

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I'm sorry you're having a hard time, it's never easy to get over a relationship. You really don't need permission to move on, as you are broken up already. I know that's hard, but you need to do as asked and leave the guy alone. 

You will be okay. You're a brilliant, awesome person in your own right. You can move on and I'm sure you'll find someone new in time. 

Be gentle with yourself <3 

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Hang in there! I know how you feel!


I no it must be hard for you but he's told you to leave him alone so maybe it's time you find yourself a new master and be happy again :) don't ever feel scared or alone cos there r good people on here that will always talk to u so u don't feel alone x

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