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Men with crush fetish.

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Who loves to see ladies crush...anything. This fetish Spurs from loving feet and dominance.  Ranges from crushing food and toys all the way to bugs and more even extreme. I want to hear people experiences in the real world or behind the computer screen. I know there are thousands of us out there. What good sites have you found? Ever had a custom video made? 


Me too. I do enjoy it. In fact, to the extreme, it can really distract me and be a hinderance. In some ways I wish I wasn't afflicted with it. However, I have had customs and first hand experience with it. Alas, ther are no sites that I know of, anymore.


I have always had a fable for very high heels and somehow I found it funny to make video of toy cars that I crush under my heels. I didn't know at first that there was a whole fetish community there. Well, most guys like it when you crush barefoot, but I find it too painful :P