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Scared or fucked up?

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Which am i?  My in the dark fantasies, i'm in control and face fuck him or her for pleasure, like a desirable god.  But in the real world when the opportunity presents, i go into cluster fuck, i don't even recognize what i'm looking at.  Somebody sucks your hard on for a half hour and theres no cum, male female, i don't care, but it dosen't work.



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I love sucking cock i do it for there enjoyed mement and mine if they dont cum it doesnt matter i just have move fun sucking for longer and like in sex i like to find different ways to suck it. Not all men can come cum getting sucked off but it turns me on and gets me so wet and there is other ways to make them cum after sucking them off and still be a desirable god. Just look at adding a few new things to your fantasies. Xx
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What you need is to face fuck me, I would let you fuck my face harder than you have ever fucked anything or anyone. You could force your cock balls deep then deposit your hot sticky load deep in my stomach.