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Urethral sounding

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Has anyone tried urethral sounding? I was sent a video by a masochist friend suggesting that it might be a desirable M/f activity she’d like to indulge in but in the interest of sanity and safety I am keen to hear any do’s and dont’s.  I can see it is quite an intimate act but seems to carry all manner of medical risks. All advice and opinion gratefully received.

Hi hun Yes I tried it about 4 months ago. It gave me the worst urine infection of my life lol. I did clean them hygienically but unfortunately I still got one. Maybe to deep. Quite a strange feeling. Not for me but you never no! Xx
I have tried it a number of times and had my partner play. Start off small 4 or 5mm then it is easy to build up. You have to clean the bar or sound device first and get a special antibacterial lube. That is vital. The advise on love honey is very good. Only let gravity take it down no pushing at all. I find it stimulating.. to urinate after sometimes stings but that is not too bad and soon alleviates. I hope that helps.
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if female no more than 4/5 inches, you should boil for at least 5 mins to sterilize first then before use wipe with rubbing alcohol and use sterile medical lube, and wash your genitals before use with antibactrial soap and wipe your hands with the rubbing alcohol and you should be ok, cannot stress slow slow and work up from 4/5mm nothing smaller and do not force things, hope that helps, ps i love sounding.


Is have a set of sounds that I enjoy using on myself. As long as you take your time with any insertions, and you have a good lube, it’s not a painful thing, and I really enjoy watching the sound slide into my cock. You could be surprised by how much you stretch with rods entering you.

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I have done it many times.  love it.  Worked my way from 6mm to now a rather tight 9mm.  the feeling is wonderful.  you have to clean them, sterilize them both before and after, and use surgical gel, not Kay.  Amazon sells it.  i fanticize someone doing it with me and to me😍


I have one that is 2 sizes that attaches to my tens unit.  The smaller size is 5 mm and the later is 9mm.  I can't get the 9mm in me.   The 5 mm is about 4" in length and I love how it feels with the tens unit attached.  I have a 4 mm stainless steel that I have bought to go full length but I haven't tried it yet and I'm curious as to what it might feel like with the tens unit attached with it fully inserted?

Has anyone tried one fully inserted with a tens unit attached?


I like to get a q-tip shove it up my ass, lick the shit off it, put toothpaste on the end and shove it down