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Fire play with Matches especially having them pop

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Does anyone else find Matches to be sexual ? for me its very erotic I love the sound and smell of Matches being struck hard and fast under and near my cock I love the feel of the heat and ai LOVE THE SULPHUR SMELL it makes me cum hard anyone else?


yeah i have tried that but it feels normal compared to cigarette burns and lighter. However you have to be extremely careful especially with lighter .... i guess cigarette burn are fine and disappear in a week or so. The cum part is obviously ecstatic


I don't actually burn or hurt myself with matches or fire. I just tease it and feel the heat very close under or near it. For me the excitement comes from  The idea that the person who is striking the matches could set it on fire or burn it. The sounds of the matches striking on the box cover or Match book adds to my pleasure as does the strong sulfur and smoke smell.