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Breath play

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Anyone interested in breathplay?  

What do you enjoy about it? 

Personally I enjoy the scared look in her eyes....
Love the feeling of fear

I love breath play, either side of the slash.

When giving, it's something I've only really done to my wife - partially, because I know what she knows - so it helps her know it is safe and that I know what I'm doing when it 'seems' to go on for ages.   It's not something I'm desperate to do to someone else, but like a lot of things, see how things play out.

Receiving, it's an ultimate power exchange : your life is literally in someone elses hands (or under their bum... or I did do foot based breath play once, how could something so beautiful be so cruel?!) there's the feeling of panic and helplessness and the frantic rush for air when breathing is permitted... 

under the bum is gr8 but when i am under the sexy female bum :P

@snakeboy, why would people not enjoy the total ownership and submissition to your domme by allowing said domme to decide at what point she will grant you a precious breathe of air! as you have been a good boy and not moaned or wriggled or tried to breath without your mistress's aay so she may allow you a big breathe..... bugger i ranted as slight fanatasy of mine them! many alologie


pete xxx


Lots of people are interested in it.  Fewer actually do it.  There are risks, but it's fun...  It really is one person taking complete control of the other.


It’s something I’m new to but love. Sir has massive hands which circle my neck and I know he has the knowledge to do this safely and is something we have done quite often. I love the floaty feeling of being about to pass out- my limps drop loosely by my side as my body seeks to conserve energy and the head rush of the blood flowing back in afterwards feels like revival. For me relinquishing power is fabulous and for Sir asserting control is fabulous so it’s a win win for us!


Fire 🔥


For someone to get there hands around my throat shows I trust them and I most definitely do not fear it the opposite I crave being took to that floaty place . I do really enjoy choking others and smothering and fear is somthing I seek but not to encourage fear more to loose it when the person being choked comes back to reality and tells me they found that floaty place is the a good feeling.