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Hi all, I'm looking for anyone who's heard of or owns a Bitchsuit, or a dogsuit. Ever since I saw one it's been one of my big dreams to try one out, I've found a few online which look amazing but as they're very expensive I'm looking to get a few reviews before I buy one.


Anyone have any advice for buying and wearing one? What's the longest you've managed inside? Are they as fun as they look? 

Thanks all!

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I’ve seen these and I would love to try one myself. Just the thought of being made to wear one really does make me wanna buy one myself but it’s being able to trust the person who helps you in it to let you out again when you really can not take any more. Looks like awesome fun

Yeah exactly, it's not something you could do alone and it does make you very helpless so you have to trust whoever you're playing with. But they do look great fun, only being able to wander about like a pet would really get me into the mindset of one.

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