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Matches fetish

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 I  have a Matches fetish where I love everything about Matches. I love the sound and smell of matches when they are struck hard and fast so they POP hard on the match box or book. I love having them struck under and near my cock and balls I DO NOT burn anything I just love the feel of the heat and I love the smell of the sulfur and the strike strip. I love all matches Kitchen matches,fire place matches and book matches. They all have a different smell and sound when struck. I masterbate  with Matches and I also love having some one else especially a female strike them  I love having them struck near and under my cock and balls but I also love having them struck and blown out towards my nose. I also love rubbing face down on used match box covers or match book covers especially if the matches were struck hard on them  Does anyone else play with matches or Fire ?  

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being tied up and having kinky things done to me such as having matches struck under and near my cock and balls and having candles wax dripped on my cock head and balls I would love to have a large jar with enough spit from girls that I could stick my cock in and cover it with their spit I also would love having them each blow up a beach ball so that I could rub on it


My lower left leg is badly burn-scarred from fire and skin grafts. no big deal..  I think the scars look cool