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Aural fetish

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I wrote this on my profile, as a small explination, as to why I have an aural fetish;

"Voices are my biggest fetish. Its more than just having a thing for accents! When someone has an aural fetish, hearing certain voices elicits a full body response. Your hair stands up on your arms, goosebumps prickle along your flesh. You feel a warm fuzzy feeling at the base of your spine, that slowly travels up, engulfing you in a slow burning arousal, that gradualy creeps over you. It can make your mind drift and you can lose yourself completely.

It 's a truly amazing gift, to be able to make somebodies body quiver and melt, on a whisper."


In truth, it goes deeper still, as this is just a basic explination. There's depth and tone of a voice, different languages, certain accents, buzz words, all sorts of added extras that can make a vouce the sexiest part of someone.


I'm writing this threaf because I'm new to the site and I want to get conversing with peoole, about things I actually know about lol. I'd live to hear other peoples thoughts/perspectives/stories of their experiances with voices too!




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It is not a fetish of mine, however the way someone speaks is nevertheless important to me: accent, manner, tone and content. I have been completely turned off in the past upon hearing someone’s voice for the first time.
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Voices to me is like a door to someone's soul some more inviting than others . I am not sure if it's a kink or more just connecting to others vibrations on a deeper level if it's the voice you are drawn to and not necessarily the words. 

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