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Hey! I need tasks for an online sub! 

If anyone has some good ideas?! Hit me with them 

Thank you 

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Hey there is loads. Get them to do something that shows their devotion to you and to use their imagination. Could be a photo, poem, song anything like that. How about getting them to do like a video journal every day on what they have done to serve you or how they are finding their experiences subbing? Also you could get them to do things like go to work plugged or send them to the shops plugged. Somewhere public like that. Maybe get them to clean their entire bathroom with a toothbrush dressed in a maids outfit and show you pics as evidence.
Hi, can i be a online sub for you? Looking for punishment

a lot depends on your relationship with the sub, what they're into - what you're into - what are you both going to enjoy doing together? 

there's no magic answer other than talk with them to find what makes you both tick.