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Smoking fetish

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One of my biggest fetishes. Is a beautiful woman smoking a long white cigarette.  It' s the way she holds it and blows the smoke, as well as takes a drag on it.  The cigarette choice is important as well. I like a white filter 100 or 120. Virgins slim is my top choice. My choice is menthol as I love to kiss a smoker, there is  great taste.

I went out with a women that smoked after going back to her house and many kisses later. She pull out my manhood and proceeded to give me a blow job. After she started she pulled out a cigarette gently and light it near my penis. The heat was a turn on and nothing I ever experienced before.  She then continued to smoke two more, while riding me. When she left she me if I liked her to smoke, I told her yes. She told me she had more for me. We talked on the phone and I was interested in what ever she had in store. To peak your interest, she was really wild. If you want to find out what she did just ask me.



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Smoking and sex what a dream!!!
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Wow !!!