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Kink AND BDSM...lets recognise the differences!

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Just a quick request to see if it's possible to add permanent rooms, as well as (NOT in replacement of) the Lobby.

This is a Kink and BDSM site...and because of that you have a growing BDSM lifestyle community. Kink/Fetish and BDSM are two completely different groups and to be honest having both those groups in a lobby isn't working too well. We have a laugh, I regularly chat with other users there and it's a really well run space...but a large portion of that time is spent (and I'm not alone in this)  beating guys and girls off with a stick quite literally, and most don't even take the telling the first time. Within the BDSM lifestyle, we adhere to etiquette and protocols, theres basics that should be respected. Having split rooms specifically for BDSM and another for Kink/Fetish would help to control the issues we face with blatant disrespect, we should be able to live in our lifestyle choice without having to deal with the issues we do. People within the lifestyle community will be able to advise any users disrespecting that etiquette primarily advising them that they're in the wrong space for how they're behaving and to add to that, our interactions as M/s and D/s and other alternative dynamics will henceforth not be hampering the kink community. 

Both being in the same space without clear divides if you like is becoming increasingly confusing as more people continue to join.


I'd be grateful if this could be taken into consideration as a matter of urgency and I'm sure you'll find it will be a great asset to the site.


Kind regards and warm blessings

saphy (x) 

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