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First Small Fetish Event

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So I'm heading to my first small more serious BDSM fun event Saturday and I'm a bit lost on do and donts clothing wise?

I used to attend AC which was a bigger clubbing experience which wasn't purely dedicated to fetish so it was easier to know. This time on a smaller scale I don't want to attract the wrong attention. It's just a local town club 


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Going to be kinda obvious and ask. You have contacted the event organisers??

Know anyone who has been before?

Anything you have that can look casual but can quickly change into something else? Zips/panels etc?


yup. but no I don't know anyone else who has been to this one.

I am just finding it tricky as I don't want to run straight in for play. I was inappropriately groped at a previous event.


unfortunately I can't delete this topic now. I'm thinking keep it safe with hotpants


I guess a lot depends also on what the event is and what their code is