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Used panties 🤔

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don't get why women wouldn't want money in exchange for something they have spent money on and have to spend more money on packaging and posting?

i've no interest in it now but previously i have sold mine (and other items), both the fact that someone wants to pay for your items and is getting off on them is a buzz for me personally. i enjoyed my buyers messaging me to thank me or to tell me they enjoyed what i sent them.

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On ‎27‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 5:36 PM, Shygirloxo said:

Actually my dear I work two jobs, and currently studying a degree in criminology, so before you post your negative nelly comments telling me how to succeed in my life, I strongly suggest you take your head from up your pretty little arse....open your mind to the idea that maybe some one could be turned on by the idea that some one gets off on you and yes of course the money is a bonus but the excitement of it certainly outways monetising it.... once you get your head around that idea shove it clean up your arse then  send me a photo who knows that might get me going going too... take are sweet cheeks 🖕🏻

Very well said my lovely spot on  - Worn Panties,  Socks, stockings tights, bras  etc.. are a FETISH alot of men and women have the desire to taste and smell a beautiful women  - I myself have a job and I also do sell to guys also sexy photos, I personally enjoy it and it gets me going I love the thought of someone else  enjoying my items xx

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Somewhere... I have two pairs of panties : still in envelopes... I basically won them both, from two different women - but - for me, not really having much interaction with them has made me feel a touch weird, hence not opening the envelopes.   Maybe I will one day.

I do also have some worn socks somewhere, a lady I sometimes chat to did an offer of anyone who signed up to her only fans got a pair of socks and I thought, "what the Hell, I'd sign up at least once anyway" and I *did* do something with those but it was different because it was someone I'd particularly chatted to.

But, in actual real interactions.  Couple of years ago I was with a friend and we did some foot worship play and it was one of my favourite foot worship sessions, she'd been running around in huge boots before I got there so her socks were quite sweaty and at the end, I had been tempted to ask her if she'd consider selling the socks, but didn't in case it was weird really.

Then also... there's a funny but private story with someone whom doesn't normally wear panties, who did this day - and I thought very little of it, until she caned me (which gets Her quite wet) and then gagged me with them... 

They weren't worth asking to take home though, I think by the time we were finished they were just soaked in my saliva...

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