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Choose a box...?

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Really wicked game for those who love the anticipation of finding out how long they would be kept under lock and key.

Once you are helpless...you would have to choose a box...from 4...each box would have a bit of paper..one would have 2 hours written on it....2nd box would contain a bit of paper with 4 hours written on it...etc.The 4th box...mystery box....no clues as to how long one would have to wait to be released or what devices one would have to endure  chosen by hopefully your wicked partner.

Whichever box you choose and what you have both decided to write on the bits of paper for each box. ..is what one has to go through..!....Cassie


Anyone else have wicked BDSM games they play?

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I make my sub guess what number I'm thinking of between 1-60. Say for example i thought of 15 and he said 25 i'd tease him for 10 minutes because thats how far away from the correct number he was. if he gets it right he can cum.... but if he gets it right i usually pretend i was thinking of a different number ;) and when he finally is allowed to cum he has a 5 second countdown. if he dont cum within those 5 seconds, he doesnt get to cum at all
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I have done this from the submissive side, chance games and often very scary as the outcome can be anything. 

You can apply heads / tails, or even a wheel to almost anything. A wheel is great as you can write some pretty nasty things on there as well as nice ones, and you watch it spin hoping it lands on something good. 

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What a really good idea...a form of roulette...Every number represents some form of punishment...enjoyment....fustration..etc...wicked...a great supplement...to pick a box ...Love it...Will have to buy a roulette wheel..!..Thanks foster..!

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