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In The Garden

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Your body warm as the the sun beats down on your clothed body.
The heat seeping through the thin material onto your skin.
You reach for your cold drink to the side and as you lift it up, condensation drips onto your exposed cleavage....
As it gently wanders between your outer clothing and down between your free breasts, it leaves a glistening trail of chill.
Your body reacts with goosebumps.
Pausing mid sip and with no-one around you take an ice-cube into your mouth from your drink.
Lowering your glass, you take the ice and gently, slowly, move it around the top of your breasts just below your neck line.
Occasionally you take your hand under your top getting the ice closer each time to your pert nipples.
You can resist no more and take a new ice cube and slipping the straps of your dress off the shoulders slowly move the ice over your breasts, pausing on areola and nipple.
With breasts firm, you reach for the glass and take another icecube and slowly start to move it down your belly and into the top of your pants.
With legs slowly parting, the melt water seeps towards your smooth pussy and with a cold wet finger, your push down between your pussy leaving a damp route for the chilled melt water to follow.
The coldness makes you quiver but not wanting to stop you press on and add another finger.....

You stop before going too far and wanting more run indoors to fill your glass with cold tap water and a place more ice into it and your favourite dildo.
Returning to the garden door you pause as the strap of your dress had slipped off your shoulder.
There you stand wondering if would be safe, even for a little while, to strip right there and head back outside naked......
You decide that today is the day and let your dress fall to the floor you head outside back onto the blanket, dildo submerged in cold water.

You lay back on the grass, the warm sun kissing your exposed flesh and taking an ice cube slowly rub it between your legs, the other hand stroking a pert breast....

The coldness between your legs contrasting with the warm sun on your naked body feels very pleasurable.

You lay there, on your back, legs opened wide lost in the moment.

....as you relax from the climax with the ice cube, your eyes fall onto the chilling dildo.

Unable to resist, you reach out, take hold of it and then sit up onto your knees.

Slowly touching the top of the dildo to your clit, shivers run up your spine and the contrast between the warmth of climax mixes with the cold if the dildo.

Changing position slightly, you slowly, so slowly ease the tip into the warmth of your pussy and then you lower yourself down, taking its cold length deeper than ever before....the warm sun beating down on you, nipples hard, breasts firm, you ride hard and deep.

...the feeling is perfect, lost in the way you feel, you don't hear somebody approach from behind until they are knelt behind you and their hands fall into your waste.
Startled you look down to see the delicate fingers of a woman and pull away to turn to see a friend that had always left you feeling at peace but with an inner tingle of something unknown to you.

You look at her as she looks at your naked body.
Unsure what to do, you pause not knowing what to say.
Unable to find words you notice the long linen white linen dress she is wearing is almost see through in the sun and in doing so you notice that she is certainly not wearing a bra...her breasts moving below the white linen, nipples erect.

....with nothing to say, you lean forward and gentle rest your mouth on hers...

...she pauses, then slowly starts to respond, her lips hard against yours.
You feel a passion, a hunger, a desire build as you pull her in tight and feel her breast hard against yours.

She pulls away, looking frightened.

You wonder what she is thinking.

She stands, takes a step backwards and to your growing pleasure starts to unbutton her dress, slowly exposing her soft skin below..

The dress drops to the grass, she is revealed to you in nothing more than small white panties.
She takes a step towards you and as you're still on your knees, her belly is at face height.
Your hands on the outside of her thighs she quivers but you continue them upwards to her pants and looping a finger into the waist you gently lower them to the ground kissing her thigh as you go.

Her hands on your shoulders, she eases you backwards and then as you lay on your back she walks above your belly, a foot each side and you notice her smooth tender pussy as she starts to lower herself such that her pussy is directly above yours.

You feel what you think is a warmth and possible wetness of her on you...she leans forward her breasts gently reaching out for yours as she presses her mouth hard against yours...

....she sits up and in doing so takes one of your hands and holds it tight to her breast.
You feel a tickle on your pussy only to notice that her free hand is behind her body...reaching down to your beckoning pussy.

You open your legs wide and accept her hand between your legs as though it was your own...

Your back arching hard, she knows what you need as her fingers explore only the way a woman can on another woman.....

Your eyes meet and the moment they do you realise that the day will be a wonderful everlasting memory.

You both adjust so laying on your sides you face each other, kissing hard on each others mouths, neck and top of chest and tour free hands navigate areas of your body never previously explored by another woman...

You lay there exploring as your breathing quickens with the excitement of the adventure .......
How long passes, you're not sure but you know the time is closing in when you will climax and hope that she will with you as well.

You break from each others mouths and upper bodies to explore each other in a passionate tangle of limbs...but always caressing each other privates, building the play, heart beats racing, breathing getting faster and faster, goosebumps of pleasure in the heat from the sun until you both quiver and explode in the pleasure of each others touch...shaking with the energy released...

You lay back in each bothers arms, the warm sun in your skin....you look at her face, her eyes momentarily shut stopping you from knowing what is going on in her head...

Her eyes open, you look into each other and know that in the times to come there will be more adventures to be explored together.

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