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Used and humiliated for girls

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Here a little story/senaro for you girl that like been used and humiliated.

We are meeting up at a busy train station I meet you and get you to wear a real short skirt that only just covers your ass, a tight thong, no bra, a see through top and a long trench coat we meet up and I rip the coat off you and throw it away so you are fully exposed then grab you by your hair and sit you on a bent I place a suitcase in-between your legs and tie you feet to it so your legs are wide open and everyone can see your pussy lips popping out. I then hand cuff both hand to the bench so you carnt move and rip a hole digger where each boob is and make them stick out and then write on them cum on my tits and leave you there for for and hour I will then come back cum on your tits leave the cum to run all off them and then make you lick your self clean. I'm videoing it all so when we get back to room I can make you watch it.

If you like this and want more feel free to  comment below.

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More please