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First session with a new mistress

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Hey, I have done my research, and chosen a mistress I feel is right for me. However, I would like to go with an idea of what I want. Does anyone have any suggestions for first time activities please? 

Thanks for any help

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Forgive me if I’m wrong or speaking out of tune, but it’s your mistress who decides what you do, as my master decides what I do! Not the other way round.
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Well, I would say once you have gotten to know eachother and spoken about your desires, fantasies, any hard limits etc. It's time to put your trust in her ability to decide what you are going to experience. Its really not in your job description as a sub to decide how a scene is going to go. Before or after a scene it's good to communicate what you liked and what you didn't as much, what you would enjoy experiencing more of and what pushed your limits, but it's still up to your mistress what she does with that information. If she's good at what she does (and hopefully she is) she probably won't dish out more than she thinks you can take on a first session. If your question is asking for ideas to discuss with your mistress before you meet, just be honest about what turns you on the most and what you are curious to try. You will likely find new interests will be sparked as you experience more, but starting with what turns you on most is a good shout ☺
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@Scarllett 's advice is very good. You should have an idea of your limits. Be they hard limits (so stuff you just don't want to do no how no way) or soft limits (things you're not really into but happy to maybe try and see what happens)  and let your Mistress know these. 

Every sub has some responsibility in their scene, but more as a receiver. So your mistress will decide the scene, maybe with input from yourself, your responsibility is to give her feedback so she knows if she's pitching the level right. 

I hope that helps!


what I do, when agreeing play with someone new - I send an interest list.   It basically has a whole bunch of activities and a score out of 5.   5 being "OMG - this is my favourite", 4 being massive likes - down to 1 which is "I don't really get much out of this, but I'll do it" (stuff on a 1 is handy for filming. There's no point doing humiliation with me in play because it's just nothing, but we can do it on camera I just don't get anything out of it "Oh, you're a pathetic loser!", "Aye ok, so why am I here with someone awesome like you?!") and then it means that my interests can be considered 

Because, while it is the Mistress/Dominant that choose, if everyone involved doesn't enjoy the time, we're not going to want to do it again - so it's about finding the overlaps.

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