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A Transgender section in the forum?

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In a nutshell, Gender issues, confusion...I have never come across a website that individuals who are struggling with their identity...how to cope..to decide ..Do I go through a transitioning period before taking that irreversible step...can talk, chat to others, learn from others.It can be and is a life changing decision...Having Gender issues...in whatever form it takes..is something that no one else can understand ..it is not the same as having a kinky Lifestyle...With a Kinky lifestyle...one can enter that world as and when one desires...close the door until next time..Anyone with Gender issues..cannot close the door ..it is there all the time..one cannot run away from it..!...Advice, understanding, support, can only come from those who are going through, having to live , considering making that life changing decision...I am not just referring to those who have or are considering what to do..but also..TV's..Crossdressers etc...For as long as I can remember..I felt like a freak of nature...having a love of all things feminine...always being told...it's a phase you are going through..everybody does...You will soon grow out of it..Yesterday,I read an article in the Times newspaper...Researchers have discovered that there is a link why certain individuals have leanings towards being of the opposite sex...having a love of all things feminine...You will have to read the article..It is to do with our DNA make up...Something we are born with and cannot be changed..the slightest difference from the norm affects how our brains develop...it also makes the smallest of  changes to our hormone levels... enough to confuse  our own perception and understanding  of who we are and why..You really have to read the article...Knowing the reasons for ones confusion is one thing...having to live with that knowledge and still having to cope..needs the support and understanding, advise from others in a similar situation...The research involved real individuals...not speculative assumptions...I am hoping that Fetish .com will realise that this is an area that is not really covered in the forum..and will consider creating another division for us..There is nothing that I could find on the internet that has the same potential in helping members in this area than this website..Read the article..It will give you an understanding of why you are what you are..With Love and a tear in my eyes...Cassie..

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My son told me at 16 he was transgender, he is 19 now an still in the transitioning period. I cannot say I know or even understand what he is going through because I never can. But I try my very best to support him at all times x
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One cannot overstate how important support is...Everyone has a family..Deep down ones child is suffering...desperate for understanding and support...it won't come from friends , although they will and should be there for you..Nothing matters more than ones family..to having to cope with what would seem and feel like  a rejection from " my Family " to your child . I think any parent or relative who finds out the truth..should do some research to help them understand what ones offspring is going through..Only then one can really offer the support with a little bit of knowledge to fall back upon...It should not be considered as a 'Fun" lifestyle choice..one is talking about the happiness to be true to oneself.It is not a growing up phase that one is going through as I was told so many times.!..Read that Article.it could be the first step in understanding and seeing ones offspring leading a happy life...It has now been proven that those of us who take or are thinking to transitioning to a female, even tv's..crossdressers have a minute difference in the DNA make up..it is what defines us..it affects how we develop...our hormone levels etc..It is something we cannot change...After all..son or daughter, still your flesh and blood...Nothing can be more pleasing than seeing your children growing up so happy..Support from ones own family is priceless..There are so many cases reported where young adults..teenagers, even young children have taken their own lives. Don't let it happen to yours..If a parent feels that our family has been shamed and thinking what or who have we brought up...then, sorry but you are putting yourself first and not the well being of your offspring. My God daughter was rejected by her parents because she wanted to be a Boy...She ran away from home..No one knows where she is..!...I can't even begin to explain how I feel...always in my thoughts and prayers..and a developing  hatred of her parents..because of our last conversation...How the hell can one disown ones own offspring because it does not fit within your box of understanding .!I will continue with this comment a little bit later..Cassie

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