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Getting ready

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It was a few minutes until he'd arrive but that was OK, there was only a few things left to do.

She had already showered and after waxing earlier that week her pussy had never been so smooth, so kissable.

Choices had already been made...the hot tub was ready and her outfit choose.

Her plan was a bit different and most likely going to me some if her outfit was going to be ruined, but what the hell, it would be fun to see his face.

She had already put on her crotchless pants, the lace black ones ....it was already making her feel naughty...a tingle of anticipation of his arrival and the preparation of what she was doing.
She reached to her toy draw, a little lube and the love balls. He loved her wearing them whenever she could, 
Slowly she put them into play, the feel of them exciting her more.

Now for that one special treat for him.
She reached into the bottom of the wardrobe and retrieved her high heeled knee high pvc boots with the lace up backs.
Sitting in the edge of her bed, she slowly started to pull them on.
With each bend of her body she felt the love balls move, causing her excitement to grow.....
Boots on and laced, she slowly lowered herself into a squatting position...the laces weren't too tight, the love eggs doing what they should...

Slowly walking to the hot tub, nipples erect, body tight  she lowered herself in  boots and all...
It was strangely exciting to step into the tub with the boots on feeling the warn water seep into them.
It was only a few moments until he would arrived but she couldn't resist a gentle strike of her clit while she waited...knees apart, hand in pants, finger exploring.

She heard his car on the drive, the key in the door, his voice call for her.
She replied and as he came into her sight she could see him smile with anticipation.
As he stepped closer she stood, reveling how she had prepared for him.
His smile widened, he stepped up close, grabbing her hard, kissing her, hard  grabbing a butt cheek hard.
Best if all, she could feel the hardness of his cock increase against her.
It was going to be fun....

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