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New permanent rooms In Chat

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It's fantastic that we have new permanent rooms. However, would it be possible to have descriptions attached to each room? I see a room titled 'BDSM Lovers', is that a room where we talk all things BDSM, a BDSM rp room or both? I'm not sure what that room is for. I'm thinking some description might be helpful to allow us slower people to have an understanding of what rooms are for. 


Kind regards.


I will pass this feedback on to the team, anyone else feel that descriptions would be useful?

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I feel they might be helpful, depends if you want the people chatting to set the theme of the room themselves?

Also, why does it say 44 above the chat because i only see 13 in the lobby and 1 in each of the other 3 rooms? Been wondering a while why the numbers seem wrong but didn't think it worthy to add a topic asking.