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A suggestion for a competition.

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Does anyone watch 'Would I lie to you"...If you have not seen it...watch it brilliant...The teams have to decide whether someone is telling the truth from whatever they have to read from a card...it can be true or something made up...whoever has to read from a card...until they pick it up, have  no idea whether they will have to read a true fact about themselves or a made up story...What I am thinking is a competition along the same lines....every one submits a story..an experience. and it is up to members to decided whether it is true or not...All those who choose correctly..would be entered into a draw...with a prize chosen from a list provided by Fetish .com...Cassie

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I do not know how this could be made part of this competition..but on the TV show , the opposing team can ask questions to help decide 'True' or 'Lie'...Cassie