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A clue as to why we are what we are..!

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Please read my post 'A Transgender section within the forum" first....Our make up...DNA..the research that I referred to in this post , has also established a connection between the minute differences in our DNA from the norm that seems to make us more receptive to experiences , to  what we read or see , that to a 'Normal Individual' would be considered as abnormal..disgusting etc..If any one has wondered what is wrong with me or why am I drawn to certain likes etc....then we now have a reason to forget thinking about why etc...It is something we are born with...and there is nothing we can do about it...But to know and have an understanding of our likes and why , should be reason for us not to think of ourselves as not being part of a normal society..It is not our fault...but how does one get that across to society in general.to be accepted for who we are..I feel that we have alot more options to explore what interests us..without being ashamed ..! Anyone who reads this must of at some stage wondered why etc..Well now you know..!.The research involved over a 1000 transgendered individuals ....over a 1000 kinky individuals and over a 1000 'Normal' individuals..!..So there you go...Hope it helps to understand yourself..!...I am privy to some of the info...because I was one of the subjects...I really hope this post will traverse all the sections within the forum...and get everyone talking...Cassie

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The research was done along time ago..over a long period and some of the results and conclusions are only now being published. Cassie