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An encounter

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This is my first attempt at writing a story - so be kind with any comments.


He sat confidently in his chair. His legs folded. His arms resting on the armrests. She entered the room slowly. It was dark. That was usual. The moment she clicked the door shut a spotlight came on. A circle of light hit the floor. She walked across to the light. The rest of the room was in darkness. She could not see anything. She stood in the circle. Her eyes tried to make out what was around her. He watched her closely. Her breathing was heavy. He could tell that she was nervous. He knew this was not her first time. It was the first time with him. Even the most experienced submissive was still slightly nervous on her first time with a new master. He did not move in the chair. He continued to look up and down her. She was wearing a light summer dress. It did little to hide her body. He could see her swelling breasts below the dress. She was not a stick but not oversized either. He loved the fact that she had curves in all the right places. He hoped that he did not lose control when handling those curves. He decided that he was not going to go that fast.

"Welcome," he said softly after a few moments of silence to allow her to get used to standing in the light. "Stand with your arms by your sides," he commanded confidently.

She did as she was told. He watched her. She did not know where to look. His voice was disembodied.

"You will follow all my instructions. You will not say a word unless I ask you a question. Now, remove your shoes."

He watched her bend forward and could see her breasts down the top of the dress. She placed her flat shoes out of the circle of light.

"Remove your dress."

He did not like that she paused for a moment. He would remember that. He relaxed in the chair as she slowly dropped the straps from her shoulders. They slipped down her arms. He could tell that she was feeling the slight chill in the room. She slipped her arms out of the straps. The top of the dress dropped below her breasts. He now got to see her perky nipples. They were already erect. The chill was doing what it should. His eyes fixed on her chest. Like the rest of her, they were in perfect proportion. Not too big. Not too small. His idea of perfection. He waited as she moved her hands down her flanks. The dress eased down her stomach. Her skin was perfect. Every inch of her looked smooth and soft. He instantly noticed the small, elegant tattoo on her right side.

“Stop,” he commanded sharply.

Her hands stopped at her waist. The dress hung around her waist leaving only the skirt covering her thighs.

“Tell me about the tattoo,” he ordered calmly.

“My previous master requested it, Sir,” she responded respectfully.

“Continue,” he demanded without further comment.

The dress dropped down to the floor to reveal her skimpy lace panties. He gasped a little at the view. His excitement was starting to build. She swept the skirt away from her feet into the darkness.

“Touch your breasts.”

He licked his lips as her hands went up to her breasts. She cupped them from below. She started to play with her nipples. Her head arched back as she fondled herself slowly and gently.


He could see the sense of frustration on her face.

“Feet shoulder width apart. Hands on the back of your head.”

He edged forward in the chair as he watched her body tense as she moved into the pose. She closed her eyes.

“Good. Now remove your panties.”

He had waited for this moment. To have her standing naked in front of him. It had been a desire for so long. To have her under his control. To have her do what he told her to do. To have her submit to his every desire. He savoured the view he now had. She was shaved. He could see her clit and her labia. They were just inviting him to touch them – to lick them – to play with them – to play with her.

“Return to the pose.”

She instantly went back to feet wide apart and hands on the back of her head.

He rose from the chair. He remained in the darkness as he circled around the light. He took in every view he could of her. Her naked back. Her well-shaped bottom that begged to be smacked. Her naked legs straining as they stretched apart. Her heaving breasts moving with every breath that she took. He strolled around slowly. He savoured every moment. He moved across to a table.

The manacles landed in the light.

“Put on the ankle restraints.”

She looked down at the manacles with the longer chain attached to them. The other set of manacles was a pair of handcuffs. She crouched down in the light.


She instantly stopped moving.

“Stand up. Bend down without crouching.”

He stood behind her in the darkness as she bent forward. It gave him the perfect view of her ass and her sex. The soft click of the metal manacles around her ankles made his hand go to his groin. He was already standing to attention.

“Return to the pose,” he pressed the moment she stood back upright.

She instantly went back into the pose she had taken on previous occasions.

The light glistened off the silver chain between the manacles. He circled around her again. His eyes lingered on the manacles around her ankles. There was no way she could run away now. He had the only key. He would let her out when he was finished.

“Now the handcuffs. Hands behind your back.”

He waited to see how she went to collect the handcuffs. He was delighted when she bent down and did not crouch. She was learning. He heard the first part click shut around her wrist. There was a little struggle as she moved her arms behind her back. She fumbled with handcuffs. The other part locked shut. Her arms were held firmly behind her back.


He moved around her as she stood timidly in the light. He went back to the chair.

The spotlight went out. The whole room was lit up. She found herself staring right at the chair. It was empty. Her eyes flashed around the empty room. The chair and a small table were all that was present. The room was decaying and unconditioned. Wallpaper peeled off the walls. Where was the man who had commanded her? She looked longingly at the chair. She did not want to be alone.

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Nice story, I saw this in a movie some time ago where the man in the chair used a tape recording with all the talking. 😊
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i am a freelance writer and I think it sucked. KIDDING! You did really well for your first time. The editor in me wanted to change a few things, but well done. The biggest thing you need to watch is changing points of view in the middle of a scene. It is confusing. The sentence "She looked longingly at the chair," would sound better if you modified it with 'empty', In my opinion. Sir!

Thank you for the comments. Appreciate them and they encouraged me to keep going and try to improve.